She sprinkled paint ordinary grater. What happened, I want to be called a miracle!

< Home interior set the tone for the entire home. Modern designers believe that the most original things are created by the dictates of the heart: not necessarily choose the expensive material, the main thing - a brilliant idea ...

We have compiled the most impressive examples of gizmos for home decoration. In the course is unnecessary utensils, old wooden frames, unusual utensils. This is a chance to realize fantasies by making a small world of his home much more comfortable!

Design interior
  1. Little photo frames are converted into a stylish decoration for the kitchen, it is necessary only to paste magnets him. ee2a23f4b3.jpg

    The original coffee table from the old frame with ornate leg. e923ddf63f.jpg

    pincushion and needles in a pretty setting. 4369def441.jpg

    Framed picture or can be adapted as a stand for the necessary papers. Another idea: a menu that will give any kitchen a solid appearance. 898d8c1f68.jpg

    Good idea to store jewelry. Everything in sight! e6bcc756cd.jpg

    Easy organizer for desktop , which is easy to do with their hands. 04e6ec5351.jpg

    Wide frame with shelves inside, not only improves the kitchen, but also creates additional space for crockery and kitchen stuff useful. f2fdcf7a4f.jpg

    Brilliant idea to store the keys. 3767c0cc9f.jpg

    Wooden frames can be hung in the bathroom and used as a dryer towels. 1747b7abb0.jpg

    The hooks of the spoons, and will look good in the kitchen and hallway. f1dfcda13d.jpg

    Waste becomes grater excellent stand for trifles, it will become more spectacular, if paint it a bright color. f201acef02.jpg

    The idea for the stylish fixtures. eec04d9fcf.jpg

    Tea that inspires! This decoration will be appropriate in any room, you can change the contents of the teapot, depending on your mood ... 18b01ce8d0.jpg

    Wonderful flower pots from old teapot. 912ea643e4.jpg

    It's great in this cup will look like stone rose ... sure to do so! 2243a51c7a.jpg

    Chandelier from the colander can be very expensive and modern. f9e1ea2d21.jpg

    Budget lamp that will create an indescribable atmosphere. 28da9ad8c8.jpg

    Modern interior items are different from ordinary furniture for its originality, unbanal approach to the usual details of the interior. You are the creator of beautiful things in your home, do not deny yourself the pleasure to be a virtuoso designer! You must come out ...

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