Ginger and turmeric: it is better for your health? I wish I knew this before ...

I use ginger and turmeric when cooking different dishes constantly. These are the two popular spices, which give subtle aroma of culinary delights. But do not forget what they have a tangible impact on the entire body!

Ginger or kurkumaSravni nutrients present in these fragrant spices. You can choose the way to better health that is right for you! Every person - is unique, because an individual approach to nutrition support to ensure your health, where it is most needed

Vitamin composition of ginger
Magnesium Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Calcium < / Zinc Phosphorus Hardware Copper

Vitamin composition of turmeric
Vitamin B6 Potassium Hardware Vitamin C Calcium Magnesium li >

Turmeric contains more iron than ginger. With a low hemoglobin and problems with metabolism is recommended to use turmeric daily!

The following are the properties of the two spices that help to cope with acute and chronic diseases. Choose something that corresponds to the state of your body!

Properties ginger
Ginger helps vitamins and minerals absorbed better, which is important for weak bones, and helps get rid of anemia. improves the digestive system. Killing pathogens, is a valuable tool at the first sign of any cold-related diseases. Reduces the appearance of age spots, increases the protective function of the skin. It reduces inflammation of the joints, shown to all who have the propensity to arthritis. Removes sudorgi and muscle pain. It is useful for people engaged in sports Ginger - effective remedy for nausea

properties of turmeric
Turmeric boosts immunity.. Useful in general debility and frequent colds. To enter, the gastrointestinal tract, it is useful to all those who suffer from heartburn. Improves skin condition, is incredibly effective for acne and other skin diseases. Turmeric helps heal wounds and restore the entire body after injuries and serious illnesses. reduces blood sugar levels and lowers bad cholesterol. It is an effective means of in the fight against excess weight. Turmeric cleanses the liver. Helps normalize the menstrual cycle in women.

Both spices must be entered into your diet, but you should know what support systems of the body is important in this period! Ginger tones, while turmeric - calms the body and mind.

This comparative characteristic has helped me to cope with pressing problems, I often drink turmeric food and drink regularly "golden milk". If this information was helpful, share it with your friends!

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