10 films about the love that you take out all the nerves on one

If someone believes that all films about love - a zephyr, marmalade melody and love jumping on a beach at the edge of the saiga sweet Muzychko, we hasten to disappoint them. Sometimes love - it's a pain, blood and suffering. We purposely picked a few films to dispel your illusions, ha ha! < Website publishes a selection of films about love, to see where you need strong nerves.

Bitter lunaNachnem with hardcore erotic half-forgotten drama by Roman Polanski. Oscar and Mimi loved each other so that the tried almost all perversions. After a time, the Oscar has cooled down and to drive out of his life favorite, began to humiliate her. Destroy. She's gone. And then, when Oscar broke his leg back. To all he experienced what he did with it when stopped loving.

Habit zhenitsyaSkandalnaya and sexy comedy about a millionaire and a canary, who married and divorced several times in my life, would not be a credible without the passion that burned Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin on the set. Young, sexy, crazy, they literally burn the screen of his lust.

Azure beregSado & M-merrymaking couple on the coast of France, filmed in pastel colors, like the viewer, along with the couple got into a poisoned paradise . Pitt and Jolie returned to the screen 10 years after the thriller "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," a little shabby and tired. And they torture each other, torment.

Indecent vezenieLoren and Sandy compete in everything. One - educated FIFA, the second - red Wild Child. The trouble is that both fall in love with a man irresistible. And he sort of scoundrel, each reciprocated! When the truth was revealed, the love nest turned into a conflagration. And that was only the beginning

Being John MalkovichemSlozhno understand: the love of John Malkovich or to himself crushed protagonist. If there is an illustration of destructive love, this is it: in this case, balding American actor becomes an arena of struggle for sex, buns and eternal youth. Some crazy plot twists, and will break your heart. Because life - unfair thing

DikostEsche one terrible, complicated story of passion that will lead to a number of corpses.. Sam, a school teacher, decided to have fun with the student. The trouble is, the girl - the daughter of a local tycoon, and when the truth was the world, the trial began. And the blood flowed. Because you can not be on such a beautiful light.

Beauty in amerikanskiLesteru forty. He was tired of his wife's hysterical and barbed teenage daughter. He was tired of the dull work and his inglorious existence. And here in his life there she, Angela. Schoolgirl. Blonde. Goddess. Lester begins a new life. But it only seems

Pearl HarborKto some may be surprised:. That in the compilation film about the destructive power of love makes war drama? But the trouble is that this story is based on several thousands of these dramas: woman accompanies Man to war ... and no waiting. And he returned. A new bride - his best friend. In general, the darkness and horror of that relationship!

I, Earl and dying devushkaOdnazhdy Greg learns that Rachel's cancer patients. Who is Rachel, and she gave Coy? But my mother is adamant the main character Greg should go to her and try to comfort her. The boy dutifully came and asked Rachel to pretend to be dead. For variety monotony of everyday life. Then it all started ...

KontinuumGruppa teenagers found a time machine in the basement. It could start a sadistic Soviet poem. But no, this is - a love story. The main character, David, falls in love with Jesse. But because of his rotten character does not dare to admit. As a result, he wants to use the time machine to fix it. And brutally kosyachit.

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