People living in the darkened state of consciousness

Famous Chilean writer-philosopher Dario Salas Sommer - author of "The moral of the XXI century" - has devoted his life to the study of issues of human destiny, knowledge of the meaning of his existence on Earth. And right now, when the polarization of the opposing forces in the world, these issues are for all of us all the more urgent.

Dario childhood noted that in our world, "something wrong" that humanity lives for some wrong laws, and that if you do not make drastic changes in the life of mankind, it will certainly come to his death, moving the same course technocratic destruction planet and turning people into soulless bio-robots.

According to this philosopher, we must also be sure to make changes to the existing system of education and science, which shattered the knowledge of the surrounding reality into many completely unrelated disciplines than helped distort our perception of the surrounding reality.

Our view of the surrounding reality was as "fragmented" and incomplete, as well as all our science. We have lost the connection between us and the world around us have lost the ability to be aware of common laws that govern the universe. At the same time we have to carefully bring down a flood of completely useless information to us, continues to distort our perception.

People living in the darkened state of consciousness

Here is what he says about it all:

"People living in the darkened state of consciousness. They do not have a deep understanding of themselves and the surrounding reality. That is our problem, the problem of mankind. Our consciousness is not enough depth. It's like driving a car in thick fog: the way seems to be seen, but seems to be no

. I believe that humanity lost its way, lost in the depths of doubt, information overload and lack of awareness. And I think that our goal - to regain its unity. But his return will not be easy. This will require the efforts of the best minds of our planet. We do not notice the seriousness of the situation, do not realize what is happening, because each of us lost in his own fantasy, in their own problems. It is -. Very sad

We do not teach a man to be a man. We learn to achieve success in the world of material. Learn to make money, fame, material possessions to provide for themselves. Education does not set a goal to bring people to a higher level of consciousness.

As long as people live "playing", spend a lot of effort in the pursuit of material things, striving to achieve the highest possible quality of life. At the same time the quality of life they see only in the material, and do not seek it within yourself. As a result there is some general concept of "gregarious" concept, which is based on stereotyped judgments and advertising slogans

. We do not know how much information is able to accommodate our brains, but it is clear that it has a limit. At the same time every day we are literally bombarded with information - constantly, without end. It is - still, as if the man would eat so much that the food would not have had time to digest. He would have been inflated, and in the end he would burst. But since in this case is a question of information, people simply lost under its streams and does not see reality as it is.

One ancient philosopher said: "I think, therefore I am - I exist." In my opinion, he was mistaken. None of us can not imagine myself. For the person that makes the information received by them. This information enters the brain not through the mind, and through the subconscious. How do the best advertising agencies involved, for example, in the presidential election campaign? They try to send them as much as possible sat down in the brain of the electorate, and for that he has to go through the subconscious. As a result - we have accumulated unexamined information - a real "information trash" ...

We are not open enough attentive to realize what is happening. I often think of the great scientist Sir Arthur Ellington. He said that a person can only see what is in his mind. He was referring to the perception. He claimed that one sees not what is outside it, and a kind of picture that made his mind.

Many people, many scientists share this view and believe that the reality can not be felt immediately, because each person is immersed in his own world. Our perception is defective. Each of us lives in his own world, the world of his dreams. Man must be much more attentive to see the reality for what it is. But it is very difficult, because we do not teach.

I really took the fact that it is not left thinkers in our world. They no longer exist. And this despite the fact that there was no university diplomas were not in ancient Greece. Today, in our world, a lot of people with higher education, with first-class diplomas, but the world has never been so bad in regard to brotherhood, learning to live alongside each other, the highest spiritual values.

So what happens? All governments of the world to their ministers and advisers composed of the standouts of the best universities, but they can not make the world go in the right direction, can not help people to understand each other, can not make the world more harmonious.

The problem is to see reality as it is, to develop the ability to perceive, to strive for a higher level of your consciousness. That's what I'm working, what do I do, what most interests me. This is - the central theme of my books ...

I believe that in such a desperate situation like this, the only thing a person can do is to dive into his inner world, to know themselves. Examine yourself and your way of life, to understand why he does certain things and afraid to do the other. And to find, so a deeper vision of life, to learn to distinguish between acute fantasy and reality. ยป

For many people now are beginning to realize that the "key" to the solution of many problems of mankind lies not in the endless race for material wealth and consumption of "information garbage". On the contrary, it is necessary to search for the "key" within ourselves, and this is possible only if the termination of the subconscious consumption falls upon us information flows, turning us into slaves biorobots soulless technocratic world. We need to develop its own consciousness.

In his books, Dr. Salas Sommer also strongly emphasizes the need of development of consciousness and makes this different techniques. By the way, it leads to the development of consciousness, including, and stopping the internal dialogue.

That is why the ancient mystics for "enlightenment" to retire from the daily bustle of the nature, tuned to its natural rhythms and cycles of learning the language in which the universe speaks to us.

And all of these information flows is just designed to hold our consciousness to the level of half-animal humble representative of "herd" slave "shepherds" for the solution of their own, they need only tasks.

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