To make this cookie needs 1 bowl, 2 ingredient and 15 minutes. Even that yummy!

I love to drink tea with a bit of sugar cookies! But that figure remained within acceptable volumes, often have to limit myself ...

Recently a friend shared a delicious easy cookie recipe , which is based on only 2 components: oatmeal and a banana. Perfect for the sweet tooth, tracking your weight!

No sugar, butter, flour, eggs - so, no extra calories! By the way, this cookie is also suitable for those who observe fasting.

Dietary oat pecheneIngredienty
1 banana 75 g of oat flakes a handful of dried fruit the choice

Peeled and sliced ​​banana placed in a deep bowl. Add oatmeal and dried fruits. Mix the ingredients so as to obtain a homogeneous adhesive mass. Hands will be more convenient! Form small cakes and lay out on the laid foil and oiled baking. Send cookies in the oven. Bake 15 minutes at 180 ° C until a light golden color.

And here is the video instructions, following which a dietetic biscuits cook even a child!

How cool crunch delicious cookies in the break, no longer fearing overweight. Its taste can be varied by adding nuts, frozen berries or chocolate chips ... I usually cook several portions
oatmeal cookies and keep it in a glass container: useful snack is always at hand
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