Make a hole in the flat shortcake biscuit, she did not even know that the result is so good!

It appears to make beautiful pastries is not difficult! Our editors assembled the most simple options openwork cooking cakes and biscuits, we hope they will be useful to you ...

How beautiful wrap dough
This idea is perfect for those who do not have time to mess around with cakes. Just make a hole in the flat shortcake biscuit and fields of his favorite filling.

To prepare apple roses, roll out a strip of dough and put it on some apple slices. Then tighten the strip in the shape of a flower.

Surprise all unusual braided cakes!

Install a cake under the force of each! The stuffing can choose to taste.

The easiest way to cook puff with strawberries!

Favorite cookies ears, you can easily make at home!

Puff envelopes simply captivated by its elegance.

Decorate a home-made cake, you can use these colors here. And let every tea party is a little holiday!

Turning a few test pieces, you can get a whole pie!

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