The man hung up the plants upside down! Crazy? But take a closer look closely ...

Gardening - is an unforgettable experience. By growing a variety of plants, it is possible to show their creativity and experimenting endlessly ... The real fans will understand what I mean.

< garden on the balcony will be an excellent opportunity to try himself as a gardener! Even if your balcony is too small, that is no reason to give up. That decision, which struck me to the core! What is space saving and a remarkable result ...

Plants on balkoneTebe need
  • Sprouts
  • a piece of fleece
  • plastic bucket ul >

    1. A large plastic bucket - an excellent pot plant

      ! Drill a large hole in the bottom of the pot and about 8 small holes around.

      Cut out a circle of fleece, which will correspond to the diameter of the plastic pot.

      In the middle, fleece circle make a small cross-shaped incision.

      Now the plant can be planted most unusual way that I've ever seen - an upside-down in the truest sense of the word! In the picture - just planted a small tomato.

      It remains only to hang the original pot on your balcony!

      Amazing ... I can not stop looking. Be sure to arrange a balcony gardening , the temptation is too great!

      It looks like a paradise balcony, I think ... Gardeners will not pass by such a brilliant idea! If you know people who are sincerely in love with the kitchen garden business, show them a miracle. I'm sure they will arm our advice!


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