03.06. Da Vinci and the French parachute expansion

< 1785

For the topic of soft landing, I think so, especially restless citizens thought with the time that started jumping from the trees, slopes and other rooftops, but the first sensibly painted in 1483 means for a smooth landing after the author of the Mona Lisa. There is nothing particularly surprising - he was also from the restless, but somehow attach it in terms of the application of the same happened much later. It is understandable - in the hell do give up the device, which is especially no need to use. The task for marketers - how to sell flip flops in the Arctic
Years after about three hundred situayen Lenormand started training on the cat - their metal and other animals from the balcony of his laboratory in Montpellier with a height of 26 meters. Understandably, attaching them to a pre-erected their structure, which he called a parachute. With a frightened he crossed in the name of the Greek "para" - "against" French "shyute" - "fall", history is silent. Well, with the names of technical innovations sometimes it happens. Whatever it was, wanting to experience the state of the coast of the citizens of the inventor was found.
Around the same time, Francois Blanchard in London (why there suffered a show?) Threw from his balloon dog on a parachute. Ispytyvt himself was dumb, and like everything is OK - and the result is there, and the dog remained alive. A year later, already in Hamburg, he made a similar trick with the sheep. But he somehow ashamed again.
However, the time has come is that the people began to explode in the sky all the more insistent. Balloons of every kind-wing and extreme heroism, you know. Well, who is flying, he sometimes falls. So wait, in principle, long-and left.
And in 1797 the first man who jumped also jumped Frenchman Andre-Jacques Garnerin.
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