Only 3% of people were able to see an optical illusion on this photo! Can you?

Site found a cool optical illusion! At first glance, this photo was published on Facebook Arron Bevin, the picture looks like an ordinary wall. But look at it more carefully, because among the bricks hidden optical illusion!

You still do not see it? Well, you're not alone, because it was not able to see most of the 44 thousand commentators original message! Bevin himself says that it took him "a good five minutes" to determine the hidden element.

Scroll down if you want to see a solution to this optical illusion. Although, here's another chance to independently solve the mystery of the image. You see? It

cigar sticking out between the bricks!

Now, when you see it, if you can stop to see her?

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We also were not able to.



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