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When I arrived in Tokyo, my weight was 20 kg above normal. I shared my feelings on this subject with a Japanese woman living in the neighborhood, to which she said: "Take a hot bath, it will help." "Hot tub? How does this relate to weight loss? "She obviously knew something that I did not know.

I sat on a diet, hoping to reach the ideal, and seriously thought that I did not get, because I'm not trying to. I tortured myself exhausting workouts for 2 hours a day. I tried to give up the sweet, but frustrated at times when I was getting sick of the sport, and lost motivation. But a change of attitude to your body without effort helped me lose 30 kg. And it was a "side effect" of the new way of life, not its purpose.

I think that we are too much attention to proteins, carbohydrates, calories and lose sight of the most important thing: our body naturally tends to health, you need only to listen to him. It is impossible to do, being in constant pursuit of Olympic result.

Since that conversation with my neighbor took 7 years. Now I help people become healthy with the help of the achievements of Western science and Eastern worldly wisdom. These 4 things you need to remember and try to enter into your life those who

wants to look attractive and feel good. 1. If you train like a sumo wrestler, will look like a sumo wrestler.

When I realized it, I sighed with relief: it's not me, and that I mistakenly overload yourself workouts. Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast, replacing it with power classes, then they eat a lot of food for lunch and go take a nap. Then they wake up, and this cycle is repeated again.

I trained like crazy and turned into a real predator. No matter how useful was my meal - the portions were too big. Unconsciously, I ate more than necessary. After a hard workout and a delicious dinner I just wanted to sleep. It turns out that I shook the muscles, which grew a layer of fat.

Another shortcoming of excessive loads - is hyperventilation. Quiet breathing signals the body that all is well, and concentrates on the body to consume fat cells for energy. But as soon as the body enters a state of stress, breathing quickens, the brain signals that you need to quickly receive the impact dose of energy, most of which is contained in a sweet. Remember those times when after training so hungry that he was ready to bite off his own hand? This is the main sign that you are overdoing it.

< 2. Heat - this is life

. Food energy - one of the most popular destinations in the western nutrition, which is based on the principle of the east: the heat - that's life. Food - is the energy that we consume in order to live. Products that give the harvest in the summer, are designed to help the body adjust to the heat, they cool. A winter fruits and vegetables contain more calories so that in the cold season our bodies retain as much heat as possible.

Many nutritionists recommend eating raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible and greenery. This is undoubtedly useful, but from a large number of raw food the body is cooled and again require food in order to keep warm. That is, you eat, but you want to have even more.

Vegetables can and should be there, but do not forget that they can fry, boil or put out. Maybe they will be a little less vitamins, but there will be more heat, and thus the energy for your body.

< 3. Drink during meals - harm to health

. In Japan, food never washed down with: firstly, because it cools the body, and secondly, because it badly affects digestion. The researchers explain it this way: the water neutralizes the acid, which allocates the stomach to digest, as a result, the body goes into several times more energy to this process, and in a short time you want to eat again

. Saturate the body fluid can be and with the help of food: there are, for example, warm soups, which the Japanese love. Or at least not to use that dehydrates, - coffee and cigarettes

4.. Hot Tub prolongs life.

He noticed how relaxed body feels after a hot bath? The muscles relax, blood begins to circulate more quickly. If you train yourself to take a bath more than 2 times per month, it will help make the skin clearer and better digestion.

Japanese people collect water for taking a bath to your heart: if the water is higher, the pressure will rise, but it is not very useful. Temperature is also important: 38-40 ° C - ideal for improving circulation

. We've learned that weight loss - it is a struggle with calories, so many of these tips may seem strange. But look at the Japanese: the whole nation looks good until old age and is renowned for its longevity. Maybe it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but just to repeat for those who know how to live in harmony?

Author: Katherine Groner
Translation and adaptation of the Website
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