10 French romantic comedies for leisurely weekends

Well, who else can so sincerely talk about love, add a touch of irony, if not French?

< Website found a few films made in the country of cheese, wine and love that will help you to calm domestic output and not to die of boredom. Light comedy with a romantic slant exactly will give a good mood.

Paris, I Love You Paris, je t'aime

Several touching love stories in one film, directed from around the world. All short stories devoted to the brightest sense, was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Paris. 18 short stories for sure will appeal to those looking for originality in film plots, actors and high-end games sincere feelings.

Heartbreaker L'arnacoeur

The main character, Alex makes his living that with my sister and her husband divide the couples in love. They have a credo - to intervene only in the imperfect, disharmonious relationships. Once the hero departs from this rule and decided to intervene in the relationships a perfect pair -. Juliette and Jonathan

De l'autre côté du lit De l'autre côte du lit

Ariadne and Hugo - spouses, behind which 10 years of marriage. Accumulated for the joint lifetime of resentment do not allow them to feel happy. In order to keep the family together, you need something to do. And the heroes decide to switch places. Now the wife manages a construction company, and my husband is engaged in farming and raising children.

Pretend my boyfriend 20 ans d'ecart

The life of the protagonist - is a job and a daughter. She does everything in order to reach the post of editor of a glossy magazine. The only thing that separates it from the dream - that's what the boss thinks this post worthy only more adventurous person. Accidentally scatters the rumor heroine affair with 20-year-old guy. This is what allows it to obtain the desired position. But it seems that the young man falls in love sincerely

Love direct Amour & amp.; turbulences

The main characters - a womanizer and Antoine ideal girl Julie - not for long, but rapidly found and just as violently parted. Three years later, life confronts them on the plane. They find themselves on a nearby chair. Julie lies to the former about the upcoming wedding, and Antoine tries to dissuade the girl from this step. During the violent shaking, fearing for their lives, they recognized each other in love.

Random novel De vrais mensonges

The main character wants to help his mother, the owner of a beauty salon, which is depressed after breaking up with her husband. Once she gets an anonymous letter with a declaration of love. And she matures a plan - to change his name to the name of the mother. The plan works, and it has to not only write love letters, but also look for someone who will be able to become enamored by the author.

Anonymous romance Les émotifs anonymes
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Confectioner Jean-Rene and his colleague Angelique perfect for each other. They have very similar cravings - chocolate, romantic music and walking around Paris. The only reason why they are not together - their pathological shyness, which does not allow to take a step towards each other

Cherry on New Year's cake La cerise sur le gâteau

Amanda - the heroine of elegant and emotional, which believes that with men are complex and are not suitable for its lightweight nature. And so she is sure not to find a pair. And the case puts everything in its place. Her life appears Antoine. Will they be happy together?

Caprice Caprice

Clement worked as a teacher and feels quite happy, especially since his courtship said Alice - a popular actress. By chance, he meets a girl named Caprice, which has long been mad about Clement. And his best friend Tom, too, decided to take care of Alice. Will a happy ending at the tangled story?

New Adventures of Aladdin Les nouvelles aventures d'Aladin

It is a new friend told all the tale. The city of thousands of treasures and magic carpet, Baghdad, in the castle princess languishes. However, she often secretly sent to the city in search of adventure. In love with a cute princess thief Aladdin, who will stop at nothing to become the chosen lover.

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