15 fun facts and interesting stories from the recent past

Site publishes a selection of interesting facts to enhance scholarship, satisfaction of curiosity, and - just for fun! < 1. American mathematician George Dantzig, as a graduate student of the University, once late for a lesson and accepted written on a blackboard equation for homework. It seemed harder than usual, but after a few days he was able to accomplish it. It turned out that the he decided two "unsolvable" problems in statistics, over which fought many scientists.

< 2. Australian James Harrison for his life donated blood more 1000 times. Antibodies in his rare blood group to help newborns survive with severe anemia. Total donation through Harrison, according to rough estimates, could save more 2 million infants.

3. Rooster Mike lived half year after in 1945 the American farmer cut off his head. At cock left base of the brain, and one ear. When the farmer saw that the rooster has not yet died, he decided to take care of him, introducing milk and grain directly through the pipette. Mike gained fame after the start of demonstrations across the country, its authenticity is documented, and the rooster died only because of the fact that the owner forgot food and a syringe to clean the esophagus to the venue of the next show. Many have tried to repeat the experience, but no other chicken has not lived for more than two days without a head.


4 April 1, 1976 English astronomer Patrick Moore on radio BBC played the audience, saying that will happen at 9:47 rare astronomical effect: Pluto will pass behind Jupiter to come with him to the gravitational interaction and slightly weaken the Earth's gravitational field. If students bounce at this point, they have to test a strange feeling. Starting from 9:47 BBC received hundreds of calls with tales of strange sense, and one woman even said that together with his friends looked up from the chair and flew around the room

5 When Mayakovsky introduced the use of his famous verse "ladder", poets colleagues accused him of cheating -.. because poets then paid for the number of rows and Mayakovsky received 2-3 times more for the poems of similar length.

6. Ancient Greek prostitutes advertised with special naboek on the heels of his sandals, leaving on the ground call " Follow me. »

7. in the Ancient Rus cakes baked in the shape of the castle with a round bow. Citizens often bought rolls and ate them on the street, holding the bow, or the handle. For reasons of hygiene in food handle itself did not use, and gave it to the poor or thrown to be devoured by dogs. According to one version, about those who are not averse to eat it, saying, reached the handle. Today, the expression «to reach the handle» means absolutely down, lose the human form.

< 8. The Englishman Horace de Vere Cole became famous as a famous practical joker. One of his best jokes was the sale of tickets at the theater. Having distributed strictly certain places bald men, he has achieved that with these bald skull from the balcony reads like expletive.

9. Ants communicate by means of smells - pheromone glands produce them in various concentrations to different messages. When an ant dies a few days with him are treated as alive as the smell of decomposition products are not interrupted by pheromones. If the substances belonging to the smell of decay, brush with a living ant that it necessarily will assign to the cemetery, and will refer again, as if he did not come back from there.


10 In the "Diamond Hand" was a lot of points, which find fault with Soviet censors, two prostitutes, the main scene of drunkenness goodie disorder customs and more. Gaidai went to the trick: stuck at the end of the film a nuclear explosion and said the commission State cinema, they can cut anything other than an explosion. The Commission said the opposite: an explosion will have to remove, and let the rest remains as it is, what the director and sought

11 Export name of the car Lada Kalina for Finland -.. Lada 119, as in Finnish kalina means crackling, rumbling, rattling and knocking.

12. The Cuban poet Julián del Casal, whose poems were different deep pessimism, died of laughter. He was having dinner with friends, one of whom told anecdote. The poet began an attack of uncontrollable laughter, which caused aortic dissection, bleeding and sudden death

13 The French writer and humorist Alphonse Allais for a quarter century to Kazimir Malevich wrote a black square -.. Under the picture called «The Battle of Negroes in a cave deep in the night».

14. Most fairy tales, known to us under the authorship of Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and other storytellers, arose among the people in the Middle Ages, and their original stories sometimes differ cruelty and naturalness of everyday scenes . For example, in the tale of Sleeping Beauty alien king kisses her and rapes. The wolf eats not only the grandmother, but half the village and into the bargain, and Little Red Riding Hood and then luring him into a pit of boiling tar. In the fairy tale of Cinderella sisters still manage to try on the shoe, for which one of them chops off his finger, the other - the heel, but then they expose their doves singing

15 In Abkhazia.. there is a small number of Negro of the population. Negros settled in this area around the 17th century, and how it happened is still unclear. Already in the 19th century they all spoke in Abkhazian and considered themselves to be real Abkhazians. Today, this group of highly assimilated and mixed with indigenous Abkhazians.

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