15 memorable ads from the masters of folk copywriting

We Website simply adore people with excellent sense of humor, which are also not averse to amuse and others! Sometimes they share a good mood even after announcement, by which it is simply impossible to pass without a smile.

New hilarious examples of folk art, which appeared on the network in the last month and laugh millions of users - in this collection


Peter - the cultural capital of


For those who used to live in luxury.

I feel that the latrines that day nobody used ... away from sin.

Lecter, is that you?

Hardware store in Tyumen all met with open arms.

A great example of a brilliant marketing.

Just like in the soul looked ...

"But you itch to eat, so that something like that».

Well here no comment.

Indignation neighbor is understandable, but the perturbation of my inner grammar-nazi stronger.

The dorm hung forms for applications. Conveniently, probably ...

However, you can try your luck and come up with more sophisticated arguments.

Whatever you do - stop


Example of advertising by people who know that the main thing -. Good

I do not know what kind of a magical place, but I would have worked.

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