10 films about how love is born

Love - it's a special feeling, irresistible and beyond the control, covering a wave of your whole life. Especially gifted manage to recognize it at first glance, most of us quite a few visits to understand that yes, it is. But there are also stories in which love can be a long and quite successfully pretend to friendship, sex and even hostility.

< Website gathered for you 10 films about how sometimes suddenly and inexplicably comes in our life true love.

Walk the line Walk the line

The film is based on a totally true story of country singer Johnny Cash. As a child Johnny fell in love with the voice and songs of the young stars of American folk June Carter. It takes more than a decade, the Cache time to serve aviation, nice girl to marry Vivian, put together his own band and start to perform his songs. Life goes on thumb, until one day in Johnny tour does not meet that same June ...

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits

She headhunter and just got a new editor for tough male gloss. He's the editor, he moved to New York from California and did not know the city. She is afraid of betrayal in a relationship, he is tired of always demanding something women. From fellow sufferers, the two quickly become friends. Why not become lovers, "no strings" when about any love between you and speech can not be? But whether it is possible to plan such a thing as love?

Where the Heart Is Where the Heart Is

The history of 17-year-old Nova, which threw the boyfriend at the 9th month of pregnancy. In the hypermarket godforsaken town Sequoyah, Oklahoma. And all that she has, - 5 dollars and 55 cents. The girl is nothing to do but to settle right in the "Wal-Mart" and a couple of weeks to give birth to a daughter there, becoming the sensation of the town. Kindness and open heart Novalja help her to find new friends, including a modest guy who works at the local library ...

When Harry Met Sally When Harry Met Sally ...

The two met on the road from the college - Harry had a car, and Sally asked to take her home. History of casual travelers, as well accidentally become friends do not spill water, supporting each other out in the most absurd, ridiculous or difficult situations. Will they find their answer to the question: is there a friendship between a man and a woman?

The Ugly Truth The Ugly Truth

The slogan of this movie - "Men value against female ideals" - speaks for itself. Abby - producer of the morning show, free bright girl that believes in a meeting with the "ideal man". Mike - Cable Channel star, who was invited to this is the show for the ranking. This macho, chopping the truth about the peasants to rapturous sighs of spectators, he immediately becomes an enemy of Abby. But the career demands of friendship, and she reluctantly agrees to know Mike better.

Just with Ensemble, c'est tout

Camilla was left in this world all alone - even the gift of the artist led her. A thin, like a boy, all night she works as a cleaner in the Paris office. One day after work she goes to the supermarket, where he met with his neighbor Philip - a strange, shy little fur cap. Philip - the heir of a noble family and lives in a luxurious apartment overlooking the Champs with taciturn neighbor by the name of Frank ... So begins the friendship of these lost people that eventually leads each to his true love

. stolen dating Man Up

Nancy, a single woman over thirty, mistakenly takes the train book of his neighbor. And instead of that same neighbor falls on a blind date, since the book was the identification mark for Jack to see the girl in the crowd of London station. Grabs and minutes to Nancy realized they on the same wavelength. However, a new acquaintance takes her for Jessica, with whom he corresponded. Somehow by itself turns out that Nancy has decided to play along with him ...

How to get married in three days Leap Year

In Ireland, there is a tradition: February 29 leap year a woman can make an offer to the man herself. This tradition and decides to take advantage of the charming American Anna. To this end, she flies for her lover, a doctor in Dublin. But because of bad weather canceled flights, and Anna puts on the coast in a remote village. And the only way to get to Dublin - is to ask for help and gloomy taciturn owner of a local hotel

Life As We Know It Life as We Know It


Holly - owner of the pastry shop, Eric - technical director on sports broadcasts. Trying to keep their mutual friends over the failed rendezvous and now they barely tolerate each other. The only thing that unites them - the love goddaughter, baby Sophie. But when the effect of the tragic circumstances of the girl no one left except Holly and Eric, they have to forget about their own differences and to begin to organize the life of the baby together.

Touched The Road Within

Love is not only obedient to all ages, but all mental states. Vincent, Marie and Alex met in a psychiatric hospital .... They each have their own problems that they try in vain to fight. Everything changes when Marie manages to steal the keys to the chief physician of the machine and the trio escapes from the institution. They go to California, and they have to travel, in which there is a place and friendship, and love.

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