15 ways to take a child for the summer games

output in the country is the fresh air, the beds and of course, barbecue. < Website loves field trips and specifically gave an overview of the most exciting outdoor games.

Summer bowling

From empty plastic bottles will be released other than the pins for bowling, especially to fill them with colored water.

Family Fun

Great idea on how to take the whole family: remove the sticks as long as the rain does not fall from the beads. Make such a toy is quite possible to own.

Funny Checkers

Such unusual Checkers will interest both children and adults, and they can make from an old stump and ordinary stones, as it happened here.


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Who said that the bones are only relevant in backgammon? Make a garden option it is possible to themselves, but to the amount of the precipitated proprygat cause both children and adults.

Wooden tower

Remove the sticks in turn. Whom structure collapses, he is lost, and here there will be for the production of instructions.

Soap boats

If you there exists an unnecessary piece of soap, a slight movement of his hand, he will turn into an ocean liner, plowing the sea.


< br> Why buy a twister, if you can make your 10 minutes?

Formula 1 23,505,665

Races begin! This is fun for kids to make very simple, the details here.


Who on earth all faster? Finding an answer to this question will cause a lot of laughter and vivid memories of how it happened here.


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If you are stocked up with too much disposable tableware, here's a fun way so you can use it to everyone's delight.


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Several stones, are inscribed the surface, and we can safely call the friends to the contest.


Who says skateboarding can only go for a drive? On this you can still fly, and, like Marty of "Back to the FutureĀ».

Alice in Wonderland

If you have an arc for the greenhouse, we take the ball and start family Olympics. I wonder who will score the most goals?

Young researcher

Take your baby to help a simple trick with a sleeve of paper towels. Tip: Do not use a hard thing as the shells, so that the child was not afraid Bing

En route

. Make a racing track can be improvised as it happened here.

Water balls

Balloons filled with water, become tempting target for attack on hot days.

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