10 films that teach us the value of life

We are always somewhere in a hurry, try to have time to do a bunch of urgent matters, forgetting how much it means each passing minute, the meeting and the spoken word us. But sometimes so useful for a moment to stop and think whether anything valuable, I failed in this endless turmoil days

Website picked 10 films of recent years, which will make look back on your life and? learn to appreciate every moment.

Southpaw Southpaw

Billy Hope - a real favorite of fortune: a beautiful wife, a wonderful daughter and championship boxing world. But in an instant the ideal world of the main character collapses like a sand castle. Now he will have to build a life from scratch and win, come what may. Classical seemingly drama "Lefty" sneaks to tremble, causing survive all the blows of the protagonist on himself.

Everest Everest

Group of brave men led by an experienced instructor to conquer Everest non-criminal, but the nature of their plans through. Freezing on the slopes of Mount Doom, climbers remember the most expensive - home and family. The last conversation of the protagonist dying and his wife will not leave indifferent even the most severe heart. The first thing you want to do after watching the film - hug close

Unbroken Unbroken


The Second World War has invaded the lives of millions of people. I touched it and a participant of the Berlin Olympics in 1936, the Louis Zamperini. But neither the terrible plane crash at the front, or a dozen days adrift on a raft in the Pacific Ocean or the hellish torture in the Japanese concentration camp were not able to destroy it and to break the nature of humanity. History admires Zamperini and reminds that life is beautiful and it is worth fighting against all odds.

Sound of a storm

The Finest Hours

The film's protagonist, a member of the Coast Guard Bernard Webber, young, in love and preparing for the wedding. However, instead of allowing the commander of marriage, he gets the job to rescue an oil tanker that is in distress during a storm. The actions unfolding on the screen are breathtaking and give reason to think: and if I could put the lives of others above my own security people

? Youth


Best friends, elderly gentlemen, while away their days are in an elite boarding house, sharing problems and making fun of each other. And they remember the young and terribly jealous of those who have many years ahead. But the heroes here should be treated with understanding, because they want to encourage young people to be more daring, not afraid of mistakes, to live life to the full, or will only regret in old age about what has not tried.

< br> I, Earl and dying girl Me and Earl and the Dying Gir

Simple American teenagers Greg and Earl can not be called the soul of the company. Their favorite hobby - reshoot famous movies. Life is filled with adolescents in other colors when in their circle appears modest girl Rachel, sick with leukemia. The plot is very typical, with its creators are not romanticized disease. They openly say that the death of a close friend - an unbearable loss, but we need to do everything possible to in his final year, month, or even an hour of his life he was really happy

. Second Chance

Danny Collins

The famous rock musician Danny Collins live fast and uses popularity by 100%. Everything changes, when it gets into the hands of an old letter from John Lennon, where he asks Danny to spend talent on nonsense. At this point, the hero Al Pacino realizes that the years are lived in vain and decided to correct the mistakes. After these films really worth considering: but if I spend valuable time in vain

Rica and Flash Ricki and the Flash


In his youth, Linda left her husband and children for the sake of illusory dreams of becoming a famous rock star. And now, after many attempts to achieve recognition of the heroine of Meryl Streep returned to the family. But will forgive her relatives abandoned perennial indifference? History Linda recalls that every decision has its consequences, and the family is the main happiness.

Ma Ma Ma ma

In the life of 40-year-old teacher Magda everything goes topsy-turvy: divorce with her husband, loss of a job, and then there's a terrible disease at an advanced stage. It would seem that it's time to give up and accept fate. But the heroine Penelope decides otherwise. This film is striking love of life, teaches us to enjoy every moment and live, no matter what. For the sake of yourself and those who love you.

Amy Amy

Oscar-winning film "Amy" tells of what was a short bright life of the singer loved by millions. For 27 years she wrote a lot of great songs and made as much irreversible nonsense. We can only learn from its mistakes: do not engage in self-destruction, not to waste time on those who are not worthy, but rather to love yourself and appreciate each new day.

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