Engineers have developed a boiler, which heats and earning money

Ukrainian team of engineers developed an innovative boiler "Smart Heat". Inside the boiler there are chips that constantly solve mathematical problems and thus emit large amounts of heat.

At the same time clarified that the chips installed in the boiler, is a decentralized network of servers. This network is used by people from all over the world, to send each other sensitive information in an encrypted form. To this information will not fall into the hands of hackers and business competitors, it should be well encrypted and transmitted only through decentralized networks that have sufficient capacity to withstand attacks by hackers. For example, on similar principle works famous messenger Telegram.

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The calculations help to maintain the network in operation, so its users pay a small commission to all who joined to the support (Mining). Usually, enthusiasts of new technologies simply install these chips for computing at home. Team "Smart Heat" tried to use the heat that is released in the calculation for housing heating. Therefore, the boiler not only heats the house, but "he makes money." The inventors have noted that, in fact it is not quite the heater, but it also made heater. From the boiler just held the pipe to batteries, fan heater or hot water.

"The amount of compensation will depend on the issue of bitcoins, network capacity and the cost of bitcoins on the market. Even pessimistic forecasts boiler capacity of 28 Farr can earn net (after deducting the cost of electric power) of about $ 200 per month "- he said the project manager Oles Slobodenyuk

. The company's specialists connect the boiler to the heating system, and then it becomes part of a network such as boilers and other computers around the world. For your computing share, you get money on the online wallet, from which they can be displayed on a bank card.

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The main parameters of the system:

• Thermal power: 3 kW (heating up to 30 m)
• Power consumption 3 kW 3
• Efficiency 95%
• Entering water temperature: 30 C
• Leaving water temperature: 70 ° C

The cost of the boilers ranges from $ 2,000 (capacity - Pharr 4) to $ 6,400 (capacity - 28 Farr)

. "The more powerful model of the boiler, the more reward calculation" - say the engineer

. Thus, the inventors note that the product will be released into production in September this year.


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