Manufacturer of pyrolysis boiler to heat the house

In the harsh and unpredictable Russian weather, you must take a responsible approach to the installation of a heat source in the home: many people do not like traditional Russian stove that takes up a lot of space and gives the room a certain atmosphere that is absolutely not designed to move.

A popular alternative method of heating – using the farm gasification, or pyrolysis, of the boiler. In the boiler this type of heating is not due to the combustion of the wood and as it burns the gas that is formed during heating of wood.

In the country house or in the garage, where not need a boiler instead of a boiler can be installed gas furnace with a water circuit. The cost of such a furnace below the boiler-house equipment, an example of such a device can serve oven Breneman-Aqua.

Device gas boiler

As the original product heating take wood pellets, lignite and coal. Best to use the wood from it to receive the largest amount of gas required for the pyrolysis process. However, if the pyrolysis gas boilers are located in a room where is a lot of waste wood, e.g. sawdust, it is possible to combine the process of heating with waste disposal.

The boiler furnace is divided into two compartments: one is for burning fuel in the other – is released when the gas (this process is called pyrolysis). Wood gas burns at a very high temperature – about +900 °C. For pyrolysis, a prerequisite is a small amount of oxygen during combustion and the low humidity of the material (ideally no more than 20%).

Gas generating long burning boilers made from cast iron or steel. The steel warms up faster, but the cooling process is shorter than that of iron, which is a great weight and good corrosion resistance.

Positive aspects

Pyrolysis boiler has a number of significant advantages: it is easy to use, allows you to download a variety of fuel (in this case not necessarily homogeneous, can be mixed content), the cost consumes resources (heats the large room with the low waste of resources), long runs on the loaded portion of the material (up to several days), lends itself to the adjustment of the combustion process and has a very high efficiency (especially if used as fuel wood). In addition, such a device is environmentally friendly, as allocated in the process, harmful elements and the products of combustion is minimized. All these factors make pyrolysis boiler is a great option for those who want cheap and long lasting to keep your house warm.

A necessary condition for the installation of fire safety

Because gasification boiler implies the existence of a fire, observe fire safety rules when working with the machine and careful approach to the installation of the device.

  • To install the boiler should be in non-residential premises – it is best if it will be a separate room or boiler room. The machine must stand on a solid floor of concrete or brick base thickness of 15 cm.
  • Additional protection against fire will require plots in front of the cameras furnaces of boiler it can be achieved with sheet metal, laid before them (thickness of metal is 2 mm).
  • Gasification boiler should not adjoin to walls or nearby objects, the distance between them must be not less than twenty centimeters, and it is better to increase it to half a meter.
  • The room in which the boiler is installed, should be equipped with a specialized ventilation system with an area of openings not less than 100 cm
The chimney and ventilation

There are various ways of installing the ventilation by installing a chimney.

Through the wall is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees, the area should not be longer than three meters, and the first turn of the pipe must precede a section length of one meter.

Through the roof — an ideal option, as it provides better traction.

Horizontal is used when it is not possible to hold the chimney at an angle of 45 degrees, when a three-meter vertical section before the turn, and the horizontal should not be less than two meters. The boiler must be equipped with a steam trap set.

The boiler is in the DHW and heating

In order to connect the boiler to the heating system and hot water you will need the following devices:

  • circulation pump;
  • expansion tank;
  • security group.
To the security group connected to the binding equipment, the return pipe is mounted expansion tank. When connecting the boiler in this way the control unit responds to the allocation of even a small amount of condensate, in which case the unit interrupts the supply of the pump with electricity, preventing further condensation.

You can set the boiler Gidrostroy – this option is suitable for systems that have multiple heating circuits, because it eliminates the hydraulic influence of one pump to another.

Despite considerable weight, the obligatory presence of ventilation. You also need to be cleaned and the fuel supply after a certain period of time.


Knowing the principle of operation, gasification boiler can be made with your own hands. As many conceive themselves how best to make a similar design, and technical solutions such boilers are quite diverse. Some made detailed drawings and schemes, others do "by eye". The main tools that will be needed in the process of production grinder and welder.

In this video in the boiler became empty gas cylinder:

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Another option — the boiler is welded from sheet iron, it is a more professional job

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Preparation for work

Loading of fuel into the boiler have to be very tight – the gaps should be kept to a minimum. As a fuel suitable peat, coal and firewood.

To put the boiler required on a flat surface or a specially prepared Foundation. With the installation of pyrolysis boiler in the basement is necessary to provide for ventilation and chimney. It is best to install the boiler in the annexe to the house.published


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