10 Web cameras that will take you on vacation now!

vacation not soon, and I want to travel today? < Website gathered for you to 10 webcams from around the world with whom you can feel on holiday right now - enough to include broadcast and imagination. Mentally travel back to the beach, to be in the center of Dublin, imagine yourself riding on an elephant in the rainforest - choose

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Sea in Greece

There is a myth that Santorini - a fragment of Atlantis. When you are here (albeit virtually), you begin to believe it.

Gondolas in Italy

Busy traffic on the Grand Canal - the most famous in Venice. It seems you can even smell the water.

Elephants in Indonesia

Just a trail in Safari Park in Bali, in which sometimes are elephants. While waiting for them - you feel like a hunter. On the photo hunt, of course.

Ferris wheel in the UK

At the famous London Eye wants to raise immediately.

Pub in Ireland

One of the legendary Dublin pubs. The most fun is going on here in the evening.

Fishermen in Norway

A small fishing village in Lofoten. Like here, nothing happens, but what a beauty!

The underwater world of Malta

Here you feel like a real diver. We have to have patience to wait for the big fish or turtles. But it's worth it!

storks nest in Poland

Soon the nest hatched baby (or more)!

Airport in Germany 90,510,109

For greater reliability, you can imagine yourself at the airport. For example, here in Hamburg.

Embankment in France

Promenade in Nice. To make it easier to see the blue-blue sea and passing along the waterfront sports cars, the camera is rotated from side to side.

Photos on the preview: © imagIN.gr photography / shutterstock

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