25 amazing life hacking, which will be useful to all parents

What have we here? Wow, this is a huge collection of priceless parental experience that we love to share with each other! Site publishes podborochku- "wand" that will come in handy for solving small household problems associated with children. 1. To take a bath toys do not swam from the baby, use the basket belya.

2. Make a homemade child protective cover on the arm of a plastic cup when the next time you are thinking of setting fire to the Bengali ogni.

3. Turn feeding into the game, giving the child an opportunity to keep butylochku.

4. Use a rubber band to show your child how to hold a pen and pisat.

5. Use the lid of a disposable coffee cup to protect your hands from the melted morozhenogo.

6. If your children are afraid of monsters, make special .

7 "Spray to remove the monsters." Turn cleaning igru.

8. Ice pack of juice or fruit puree - a couple of hours you will have a great alternative morozhenomu.

9. Arrange your baby comfortable playground right at home, using an inflatable outdoor basseyn.

10. Hang locks on the fork to the child playing, was not trying to shove them in rozetku.

11. As soon as your baby learns to crawl, put on him a funny suit. It will help you in cleaning as will travel domu.

12. Use shoe organizer as a place to store different things in mashine.

13. Take a dense cover and tie it to the edge of the table - a cozy hammock children home ready

14!. The old bag for the camera can be an excellent replacement bags for diapers and butylochek.

15. With

16 old phone can be done to monitor children's komnaty. . Cover the outside of the playpen crib bed sheet to protect your baby from insects and sun luchey.

17. Disposable containers for sauce are a great place to store pustyshek.

18. To kids did not suit a mess while eating in the car, use a plastic korzinku.

19. From the used bottles with dispenser can make a great water pump for sharikov.

20. Fill the glove beans and put to one side the child. This creates the impression as if you embrace it, and it's faster usnet.

21. Of unnecessary bottle of shampoo or a balsam can cut a great extender krana.

22. Any steps to easily turn up the hill if it lay a dense packing kartonom.

23. much udobney.

24 With this cap to wash your hair and take a shower. Set the limit for the use of toilet paper detey.

25. If you have teenagers, use this trick with the alarm to know, if they want the evening quietly sneak out of doma.

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