10 light films, which can relax the soul

comedy - a genre kind and duhopodemny. Films of this genre able to give soul just what it needs most of all, when the window is played with bright colors spring -. It is easy, fun and inspiration

Website picked up for you beautiful paintings, full of faith and hope that you will be able to forget everything, to laugh and relax perfectly.

fatal beauty Hors de prix

Adventuress Irene takes a humble servant of the hotel Jean billionaire. Discovering his mistake, she immediately leaves it, but love Jean rushes after him. All the efforts and adventures with time still brings him to the girl, who resigns himself to the presence of Jean. However unwittingly, it begins to more and more attached to it.

Coming to America Coming to America

Crown Prince African state wants to find himself a wife, and goes for it in America. There he seems to ordinary man and went to work in the diner, as he chose the daughter of the owner.

Angel-A Angel-A

28-year-old Andre has to tens of thousands of euros to various bandits all over Paris and unable to get out. Having decided to commit suicide, he unexpectedly comes to the rescue on the bridge Woman. It promises to help him in all things and come up with amazing ways to solve all his problems. However, he begins to wonder why she tries so hard for him

Character Stranger Than Fiction


The film tells the story of Harold Crick, a tax inspector. Harold is extremely monotonous life, but of a sudden he starts to hear a voice that says his actions. Harold seeks help to a psychiatrist, but the diagnosis "schizophrenia" does not suit him. Harold psychiatrist recommends to see a specialist in the field of literature, Jules Hilbert.

Warm Bodies Warm Bodies

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The world plagued and stands on the brink of extinction. The changes begin when a zombie, whose name when life begins at "P" Woman rescues Julie, instead of eating it. Friendship ensued between the warring parties, both facing dire consequences. But P & Julie, without knowing it, are holding a simple and only key to rescue the perishing world.

Just with Ensemble, c'est tout

Young girl Camille makes friends with his neighbor Philibert and after a while due to certain circumstances, he moved to his apartment, where he finds not only physical but also emotional warmth. There she meets a chef Frank; relationship with him at first did not add up, but then there is a deep affection between Camille and Frank.

Ruby Sparks Ruby Sparks

The young writer experiencing a creative and mental anguish. And so, calling upon the remains of his imagination, Calvin comes up with a girl named Ruby Sparks - clever, beautiful, athlete, in short, an ideal, and a week later ... finds this ideal of flesh and blood on his own couch. To leave Ruby is clearly not going to, but that's what it will be - or Galatea squirrel ..

The Purple Rose of Cairo The Purple Rose of Cairo


30s in the US Great Depression. Modest waitress Cecilia tries to escape from the harsh reality, enjoying movies in a movie theater. One day, a miracle happens: her idol, Tom Baxter, "Mr. Perfection" comes down from the black and white screen in the auditorium in the arms of a distraught happiness Cecilia ...

Romancing the Stone Romancing the Stone

Joan Wilder, author of the popular women's novels, finds in his mailbox pack. The phone call confirms the terrible fear: her sister is kidnapped, and the kidnappers demanding the return of the parcel. Joan flies to the aid of his sister, but lost in the first hours after arrival. Its attempting to kill, and only the intervention of Jack Colton, an American mercenary, save her from death.

I want to like Bridget Joséphine

Josephine is almost 30, and the main reason for the lack of privacy they believed his ass. The only consolation is that she lives with Brad Pitt - was the name of her cat. But the last straw was the news that her sister is getting married. Unable to come to terms with the lack of the second half, Josephine invents a love affair with the surgeon, to whom she allegedly flies. And this little legend turns her life upside down.

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