This abandoned Gothic castle in Vladimir

According to legend, V.Hrapovitsky, traveling to France in 1880, was delighted with the medieval castles. To the remark of the French, that Russia is nothing like that, V.Hrapovitsky found a kind of answer: he made a bet that will build a castle. Inviting a few years of French friends to his estate, the owner showed surprised guests not just lock and "Gothic" Palace with the park and the cascade of ponds near the main house. So there was this gorgeous ensemble, and still hitting its scope and amazing freedom of spatial solutions. Do not turn the language to call it "eclectic" (although this term is firmly entrenched in relation to this era of construction). Sophistication and even quirkiness composition completely destroys the integrity of perception, on the contrary, gives the impression of harmony. Brilliant styling architect P.S.Boytsova, although formally remain within the eclectic, largely similar in its infancy at the time of Art Nouveau. This applies in particular to the standing some distance equestrian yard, or rather, equestrian palace because of the scale and the representativeness of the building could compete with the main manor house .. ยป



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