13 star couples whose love to the cinema has become a real


Famous actors and actresses sometimes so realistic play the love that can not stop, even after the end of filming. And now, a happy-screen couple to tie the knot in my life.

< Website gathered romantic stories of stars who prove that love at first take is also possible.

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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes 1eced5562c.jpg

Having played a married couple in the crime drama "The Place Beyond the Pines," the actors were so engrossed with each other that began to meet in reality. Although Eva Mendes word that she was too selfish to become a mother, she and Gosling is already growing up the daughter Esmeralda Amanda, and perhaps soon will have another baby.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 72e8387c52.jpg

Watching their passionate relationship in the film "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," fans cherished the hope for the continuation of history outside the shooting area. Everything happened as if by magic: the pair have been together for 11 years and is raising six children

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 32,558,793

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The shooting of the film "The Rum Diary" Johnny's crazy in love with his soft passion Amber Heard and left the family. For 14 years, Vanessa Paradis did not wait on Hollywood pirate proposals, but his new fiancee received a cherished ring shortly after the start lavstori. Depp seems to not bother and age of his wife: Heard his junior by 23 years old. And indeed love all ages.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan


At the end of the movie "Step Up" they conquered the audience a stunning dance, and after the shooting and did not choose to leave. The couple are very sensitive to each other and admit that they are still often seen together in the spirit of romance "Titanic", and their daughter Everleigh - a replica of the Pope.

Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin 5acdca81ab.jpg

The love story of this couple really began in the tale. In the series "Once Upon a Time" Snow White and Prince Charming demonstrate the ideal relationship and even shared a double heart. Actors in no way inferior to their characters. In between filming Josh carefully sheltering from the wind Ginny, who will soon give her husband a second son.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively 401e26e37f.jpg

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Having played darling "Green Lantern" in the eponymous film history, blonde beauty Blake and life could not resist the charm of Ryan. Reynolds left Scarlett Johansson and Lively forgotten about DiCaprio, and now they are really happy in marriage.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn b23fc76f3f.jpg

One of the strongest couples in Hollywood was formed after the filming of the legendary comedy "Overboard," where the relationship of the main characters in their performance would be desirable to applaud. They have been together for 33 years. The couple has a common child, and Goldie's daughter from his first marriage, Kate Hudson calls Kurt's dad and I'm sure that her mother terribly lucky with men.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiss 1f308c7f00.jpg

Their long-standing friendly relations can be established, if it were not working together in the film "Dream House." To create a happy family, Daniel and Rachel had to complete long-term relationships. But, as time has shown, it was worth it.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus c7c1ca1e90.jpg

< br> These young lovers it really develops as a movie. They met on the set of the movie "The Last Song", where they played the young romantic, and transferred these feelings to life behind the scenes. Since Miley and Liam have already managed to leave and rejoin. Rumor has it that the wedding is not far off.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson 9139f52165.jpg

Fantastic film "Jumper" was the starting point in the relationship of these guys. The pair have been together for 9 years and has a daughter Brier Rose. However, the former "Darth Vader" in no hurry to make Rachel proposal, leaving it to the status of the beloved. Only history would not repeat itself Depp and Paradis.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz b047f9e3eb.jpg

Hot relationship of this couple in the melodrama "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" could not just pick up and finish. Today the family of burning Spanish is one of the most exemplary in Hollywood. Penelope enjoys the joys of parenthood, as Javier says that thanks to her, he found peace in my heart.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson b6e145c831.jpg

These actors were familiar for a long time, but the romantic feeling between them broke out only during the joint work in the film "Volunteers". For the love of Rita left the bride and waited three years before Tom and his wife divorced. Over 28 years of marriage, they were together in sorrow and in joy: Tom helped his wife to survive the illness, supporting and protecting it. Here it is - true Love

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie c04f35a924.jpg

. For two and a half seasons, "Game of Thrones" all tormented by the question: who will win the embattled John Snow? This girl was the red-haired wild Igritt. Fans immediately suspected that the TV series is not over. And they were right: Rose and China have long noticed on the walk and in the cafe, and April 4, 2016 the young actors visited the Olivier Awards as a couple tenderly holding hands. However, they seem to shine with love. One can only hope that the history of this charming couple will be happier fate of serial heroes.

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