20 well-known actors who have changed beyond recognition for art's sake

Why not just have to move the actors to receive and play the role of a treasured. Even in the age of modern technology, through which, it seems, you can achieve any effect, not all done with the help of computer graphics. Make-up artists, makeup artists, costume designers - because of all these people, we can get into a fairy tale, or find yourself in a nightmare

Website has collected 22 photos of actors, which thanks to chic makeup just do not know..

Heath Ledger - DzhokerTemny knight

Brad Pitt - Benjamin BattonZagadochnaya Case of Benjamin Button

Maiwenn Le Besco - PlavalagunaPyaty item

Ralph Fiennes - Voldemort's MortGarri Potter

Gary Oldman - Count DrakulaDrakula
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Robin Williams - Mrs. Doubtfire DautfayrMissis

Jim Carrey - GrinchGrinch - Stole Christmas

John Leguizamo - KlounSpaun

Danny DeVito - PingvinBetmen returns

Eddie Murphy - professor Sherman KlampChoknuty

Bill Nighy - Davy DzhonsPiraty of the Caribbean: At world's end

Peter Mayhew - ChubakkaZvezdnye war. Episodes IV-VI

Tim Roth - General TeydPlaneta monkeys

John Travolta - Edna TernbladLak hair

Davy Chase - Samara MorganZvonok

Sergei Bezrukov - Vladimir VysotskiyVysotsky. Thank you for living

Doug Jones - Abe SapienHellboy 2

Helena Bonham Carter - AriPlaneta monkeys

Oleg Tabakov - EndryuMeri Miss Poppins, goodbye !

Robert Downey Jr. - Kirk LazarusSoldaty failure

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George Millyar - Baba yagaMorozko

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