25 The stunned the scientific facts that will amaze you

If you think about it, everything around us is almost nothing. Judge for yourself: everything that exists is made of atoms, do not you? And the atom itself, despite the presence in it of the nucleus and orbiting the nucleus of the particles - electrons, protons, neutrons - at 99, 99% consists of ... pustoty.Tak if everything is made up of nothing, why are there still? Why we do not see through the paper and screen and can read letters on them? Why are we able to stand at all, see, feel? ..

It's all about - the strength of attraction and repulsion. They hold the atoms of matter together to form an invisible unbreakable bond between them. They repel the atoms of other substances, preventing different types of material mixed.

It's like a miracle. < Website publishes the most amazing scientific facts, which reflect interesting.

If a thimble filled with matter from a neutron star, it would weigh about 100 million tons. < Psevdoslepota ​​strong> - this is a phenomenon in which the blind people have a physiological response to visual stimuli (eg, angry face), despite the fact that they are not able to see them. If people used Newton's formula instead of Einstein's theory of relativity, calculating the GPS would be different for a few kilometers .. The coldest place in the known universe is located in the world in a Finnish laboratory. Scientists were able to freeze the atoms with laser cooling. This led to the temperatures within a billionth absolute zero degree. < In the human brain more synapses than the stars in the Milky Way. If you could remove all the empty space in the atoms, the Everest would fit in a shot glass. The same chemical compound that gives her a raspberry flavor, spilled all over the universe. The scientists suggest that if the universe could try, it would be like a raspberry. According to the experiment Hafele-Keating, time runs faster when flying to the west than in the east direction (relative to the Earth's center). All the cells in your body shared with since life began on Earth. And this division will end with your death, with the exception of cells that you will give to your descendants (1 per child) and some circumstances (eg, organ donation). The only reason that you are able to read this article lies in the fact that hundreds of kilometers of glass fiber cables lying on the ocean floor. < The grease in your lap is one of the most slippery substance known to man. When you remember some event in the past, you do not remember the event itself, but rather the last time you remembered it. In other words, you have a recollection of memories. For this reason, people's memories are often inaccurate. < Pluto made only 1/3 turn since been opened. If the Earth were the size of a billiard ball, it would have been more smooth (there would be fewer fluctuations between high and low points on the surface) . Human sweat is odorless, but as they feed on bacteria, the scent comes from their waste products. In your lungs the same surface area as that of a tennis court. There is no way to scientifically prove that we are not part of the computer simulation. The human body emits more heat per unit volume than the sun. None of your ancestors died before they successfully produce offspring. Stomach acid strong enough to dissolve zinc. On the Sun Fire Vortex occur that exceed the size of the Earth. Have you ever, in fact, nowhere touching. Your atoms are simply atoms repel other objects (most of which is an empty space). < Your brain is composed mostly of water and fat. Water conducts electricity only because of contamination. Perfectly pure water does not conduct electricity. Of the four fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear and weak nuclear), gravity is the weakest, most easily observed and least understood.

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