Gentle cleansing of the liver by the method of Andreas Moritz

Now a lot of time is devoted to a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and body care products. Adding exercise and changing eating habits, we will certainly improve your health in their daily activities. Gradually, the body is cleaned and new habits cease to deliver discomfort. It appears easy, and the room we run skipping and hamster vegetable salad instead of a cup of coffee and cake with pleasure.

The process of purification of the body is very slow and fastidious. Once you could not resist and ate at night something harmful, the body remembers the past and begin to demand more. Resist such pressure fails slightly. In addition, the cleaning processes are accompanied by lethargy and fatigue, sometimes headaches. How in such a state to send itself to any activity? Most likely, you will lie down to rest and relax, to unpleasant symptoms soon passed. This was followed by a "lazy period," and you will be tortured remorse.

The body adapts very quickly to changes in harmful and does not immediately perceive. Its like a capricious child will have to train and re-educate, until he realizes that new habits are beneficial and, in fact, much better than the old.

Fortunately, the process of cleansing the body of the old biases and their consequences can be accelerated. This is why there is a practice Shatkarmas (cleansing practices) yogis. Thanks to cleanse the body, the body of the practitioner will come to order, and the disease stopped detract from the spiritual path. There is a new burst of energy, encourage further practice.

This article will focus on the cleansing of the liver by the method of Andreas Moritz, one of the world's leading experts in integrative medicine. He practiced and taught Ayurveda, meditation, yoga, nutrition, eridologiyu, shiatsu, and vibrational therapy for over 30 years. His method of cleansing the liver is one of the most effective and soft.

Gallstones in the liver and gall bladder are formed due to improper diet, sedentary lifestyle and excessive use of complex animal proteins and milk. They block the work of these organs and lead to serious illnesses. For more information, better read in the book of Maurice "Amazing cleansing the liverĀ»


Before cleaning it is best to consult a doctor and do an ultrasound of the liver and gall bladder. If the stones in the liver ducts soft cholesterol, the gallbladder stones are often dense, calcified. And given that the gallbladder duct is narrow, the presence of stones in the gallbladder even 5 mm can cause a severe attack of biliary colic, which is realistic can end the operation.

In addition, not having medical education, you can overlook some of the features of their health and the health of their hepatobiliary system in particular, and harm themselves. If possible, it is necessary to go to the doctor, who is familiar with these recovery methods, because, unfortunately, we have a lot of doctors do not just skeptical about such healing methods, and sometimes aggressive. Although due to his ignorance of themselves suffer a variety of chronic diseases.

It is not necessary to do a liver cleansing for Moritz, if there is a disease of the liver decompensation or subcompensation its function, or in the acute phase of the disease.


After the first cleaning, may very surprising results will not be. Stones can not get out, but the body clean from stale mucus. Although, even at this moment you feel the ease and the desire to continue. The author suggests a technique to repeat the procedure at least six times at intervals of 2-4 weeks. This is to ensure that the process is fully completed. This point is very important to ensure that cleaning is complete and stopped halfway stones did not lead to new health problems. On the second or third cleaning of you can begin to go green stones red and black colors, of different consistencies. Often, instead of leaving the dead parasites with them. The visual result is reflected in the skin and eyes. The skin will be "fresh" and his eyes "brighter". The general state of health improves, in addition, will leave a bad craving for food and overeat.


purification process will take about a week. It will include the preparation period, which do not eat animal products, including jelly. You also can not use a lot of salt and various spices, fried foods and butter in large quantities (some can be), and is advised to increase the amount of fiber diet. This week should be at least 2 times to clean the intestines. This may be an enema, GPC, Shank Prakshalana and any other methods. You also need to drink every day, 1 liter of juice svezhevyzhetogo. Try not to overwork and nervinichat. Do not increase exercise and stay warm. You can not drink a cold drink or eat something cold. The liver loves warm and ingestion of cold spazmiruyutsya bile ducts.

On the day of and the day after cleaning it is advisable not to work and spend the day at home.

What you need

For all the procedures you need to stock up on apples for juice svezhevyzhetogo. The juice is desirable to do without pulp. On the day of cleansing the liver will need svezhevyzhety greyfrutovy juice, olive oil and 2 bags of magnesia (magnesium sulfate, available in pharmacies in bags of 20-25 g), water bottle.


The next morning is better to make one more purgation that there are no stones left. Begin meals are best with a light vegetable food. This can be vegetables or cereals, cooked in water. Meals should be light and gentle.

If you want after liver cleansing starve or spend some cleaning procedures, it will have to wait. The body requires at least a week to rest and recover after cleansing the liver and gall bladder.


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