7 Star Starichkov, Telam Which envy and Young Boys

These famous men exchanged the seventh and even eighth decade, but still continue to delight and somewhat shocked fans with their appearance. Look at the PURE new gallery, look like some foreign and domestic celebrities in age, who are not willing to part with the young body.

Efim Shifrin

Age - 60

In late March, the actor was 60, 20 of which humorist "registered" in the gym. And as reflected in long-term cooperation with the sport on the exterior of the stars "Full House».

"Build" dream body actor began almost by accident. As a child, by the way, the humorist hated sports, and any physical exertion. As he once mentioned in an interview, it all started with a little banal desire to put himself in order. Partly to the gym Yefim pushed Alla Pugacheva.

"I remember when filming Christmas" Spark "the 89-year, I first came to the house of Pugacheva. She met me on the verge of saying, "Oh, I seem on TV, I think you forty years!" And it was not me, and thirty-three. That is, the screen I impression of a man whose whole life is over. Then came the final decision to do away with this premature old age, "- said the actor in an interview with" Sports Club »

. However, the light adjustment figure is not limited to: the gym tightened and the artist seriously interested in bodybuilding


Seven years after the first visit to the gym, the artist has achieved initial success - received a statuette "Mr. Fitness" and a certificate of honor from the Moscow bodybuilding federation


Oleg Gazmanov

Age - 64

The most jumpy actor domestic platform once admitted that she felt for 25 years, no more.

With the figure artist, of course, he is gone too. However, the fact remains - on its 64 Gazmanov not exactly looks like. Especially clearly seen, when the singer appears with a bare torso. Incidentally, the "naked" photos singer treats her Instagram followers regularly, spending thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it acts on the actor fans, it is not known. But it is clear: children Oleg Gazmanov definitely following in the footsteps of his father. In particular stepson Philip (right), who has recently started her modeling career.


Age - 64

British musician even in the gym for a long time and not to stay and a healthy lifestyle, not zealously promoted, but still manages to look quite smart and somewhat younger than his years.

The musician has repeatedly mentioned that it helps keep the shape of a diet that includes plenty of protein and vegetables, as well as mobile lifestyle.

< Iggy Pop

Age - 68

Legend punk rock James Osterberg, Jr., better known to the general public as an Iggy Pop, in contrast to the aforementioned artists are not much inclined to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that really there: all my life sinned strong drink, drugs and other rock and roll hobbies. However, all this does not prevent the 68-year-old actor to be in good physical shape and walk around bare-chested on stage.

In early March of this year, the actor agreed to participate in a provocative project Briton Jeremy Deller. The singer posed naked in front of two dozen artists from different countries. Work is expected to put the fall at the Brooklyn Museum.

"His body has seen a lot, and this should be documented" - then said the author of the project. Adding that Iggy chose as a model, mainly due to the fact that he is the central figure in contemporary rock music.

< Mick Jagger

Age - 72

No less cheerfully looks and legendary leader of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger.

In a sense, the singer looks today much "stronger" himself in his youth.

And that's despite the fact that all of the singer's early years were filled and covered with strong drink powders of different types and colors. However, it is worth to pay tribute to the musician: once it has exceeded 50, it is a little thought about health and even said that he would try to give the maximum of hard liquor and other harmful substances

. And today, according to an interview three years ago The Huffington Post, Jagger and all goes to the gym and running: "I train five to six days a week, but do not bother at this. I'm alternating gym with jogging and dancing. »

Robert De Niro

Age - 72

The last 20 years, actor Robert De Niro bears little resemblance to the young themselves: extremely slim Vito Corleone in "The Godfather 2" or Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver»


The last couple of decades, the actor, who won at the age of 60 years, cancer, actively engaged in the gym, which allows him to again and again appear on the screens with a very enviable naked torso.

Scene from the movie "The Grandfather of easy virtue", 2016

Harrison Ford

Age - 73

Year struggled to not lose ground and the legendary Indiana Jones (aka Han Solo). A couple of months ago, the actor appeared on the cover of an American men's magazine in this form. Fit and tanned.

Producer's picture refers to the history of the previous year, when the actor almost crashed light airplanes: because of problems with the engine made a hard landing on the lawn for the golf course. Since the accident Ford was taken to hospital with fractures and injuries, from which he came within three weeks.

"With my father everything is OK. Pobilsya but normal. It really is so good, how do you imagine it ", - wrote Ford's son Ben then

. However, judging by the usual pictures of Ford, the editors are not too embellished its present form.

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