< Leah Altukhova

I remember that was a lovely summer evening,
Blood boiling like milk.
Gently hugged my shoulders,
You kept saying, "It will be like a movie»

. And rocked ripe rowan,
And your voice rang in the silence.
You called me then beloved,
Or just struck me?

He promised to overseas resorts,
The house and cottage, fur and coat.
I feed you sour cake,
And I sighed to himself: "It's not that ..»

. I told you about the prose poems about,
You're about the welfare and comfort.
I wanted to become a
emu And flee to the north or south.

Are you inspired: "We need only to West,
We are rotting in horrible country! »
I filed a dog paw,
He seemed to be smiling at me.

I'm your dog, perhaps, more interesting.
Living longer in his eyes.
Outside, the children sang a song,
And a taxi to the station in a hurry.

You kept saying, "You can stay.»
He took the hand and dragged into bed.
I decided I ought to be washed off,
I myself decide with whom I sleep.

I know you will be happy of course,
Well I'm so happy to miss ...
Girls, when you're not twenty,
It's boring to go out on dates.


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