6 Travel the world who hates the most Travelers

Any city in the world, which have long been a mecca for travelers of all stripes - and this is one of the factors why they are losing their popularity in recent years. We present you do not have a list of the worst cities in the world, but only those which after many travelers visit to promise to come back forever.

< Los Angeles, the United States

This metropolis has many other attractions, in addition to the Avenue of Stars, Hollywood and luxury mansions, which are not all apply. These include problems with the water in the taps, plugs, high levels of crime and the threat of earthquakes. Many Americans can not tolerate this city, and some travelers absolutely agree with them.

< Cairo

Perhaps in the world there is a city where the air is more polluted, even longer traffic jams and riots have become commonplace. But it is also necessary to look, and Cairo, meanwhile, despite the presence of the last remaining wonder of the world is rapidly losing reputation points.

< Belize

This town in guidebooks called "Other Caribbean", but in the same guidebooks strongly urge not to be put out on the streets at dusk. Travellers visiting this city, here awaits a real disruption, high levels of crime, riots.

< New Delhi

About scams in this city for a long time legends. On the forums, you can find thousands of articles about how not to become their victim, but New Delhi still exists a craftsman, he could circle around your finger.

< Jakarta, Indonesia

Many travelers visit Jakarta internally, shifting her on a plane to Bali and Sumatra. It is a tourist primarily meets the stuffiness, the monstrous traffic and poverty, from which no escape. At the same time experienced travelers admit that Indonesia might like, if to get used to its shortcomings and look around - because the people here are just wonderful



It is not surprising that one of the most visited cities in the world included in the list of the most hated places travelers. Of course, Paris has a lot of fans who are ready to defend its right to be called the most beautiful city in the world, but also that of their opponents have their arguments, such as the huge number of migrants, dirty streets, crazy line to the Louvre and unreasonably high prices in restaurants. In psychology even know the term "Paris Syndrome" (most common in Japanese), associated with the disappointment of how different the imaginary from the real Paris. However, to visit this city is still worth - while is better to prepare for the trip by reading about Paris all that we find - well, at least you can protect yourself from this syndrome

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