Cities that travelers hate the most

Yes, of course, in the world there are many cities with even more dirty air, more crazy drivers, more long tubes, with a bigger population and even more frequent street riots. But believe me, this kind of cities is not very many, and hardly you need to visit them.
But Cairo is the abode of the world's last remaining ancient wonder of the world and other important historical monuments that tourists visit quite often.

Eighty nine million four hundred eighty thousand five hundred nineteen

Belize city
        Crime. Drugs. Devastation. Annoying tips guides not to go out after dark and walk only proven routes. It is not strange that among the passengers of cruise ships, the city on the wonderful island was labelled as "the worst direction". Surrounding tropical nature and the old drawbridge will not save the situation.

Forty two million forty two thousand six hundred seventy three

        new Delhi
This city is famous for the love of the locals to rip off tourists to the last penny. The travelers ' forums full of topics of discussion which comes down to how to avoid "kidalovo" outside the airport, at the train station, the hotel and the rest of the territory between them. And, if you want to visit new Delhi during your trip to India, read about everything mentioned above, I advise you extremely strongly.

Sixty one million six hundred seventy two thousand three hundred eighty six

With the most dangerous city in the world, You can explore in this review.

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