Features of quarry sand - it pays to know before you buy?

Rare types of construction works do without the use of sand. However, in some situations, the highest quality of the supporting material is not required. And then the most profitable and sensible solution is to buy sand pit, the cost of which is the most accessible and low. If you also want to make such a purchase, you will be helpful to learn about the features of the product more information.

Quarry sand in our country lies at a shallow depth. It is obtained with virtually the surface of the earth. However, in some regions it is found at a depth of tens of meters. Find material can be everywhere. For example, most of the capital is built on it. quarrying low cost, and this is caused by the cheapness of the product itself.

Career sand refers to sedimentary rock, natural materials consisting of various mountain precipitation. The composition is diverse, and the key focus should be on the size of grains. They can be 0, 15-5 mm. If we compare it to river material, the first non-driven around in the water flow, and therefore has such a flattened shape. The surface of the grains will be more rough. Incidentally, due to the roughness of granules, and provides better adhesion to the cement composition. In general, the products are divided into three classes - from small, medium and large grain. Choosing the best option depends on the individual building.

The important point is that the quarry sand is very dirty. A variety of impurities in it can be up to 7 percent. And this is another reason why an affordable cost. In some cases, the presence of inclusions of clay is not a disadvantage. After all, with the help of clay held finishing and plastering work. If you are going to buy the material, find the percentage for the processes of the quarry sand is not necessary. Among its advantages is attributed its wide range of applications, for example, it allows you to create high-quality mixture of gravel, crushed stone and sand, the ability to prevent waterlogging pits, ease of compaction.


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