15 films that will please even those who do not like anime

Anime - these particular cartoons, which not everyone likes. Someone can not break away from the screen and reviewing the same cartoon for 5 times, and someone can not stand these animated films.

Today Website gathered for you cartoons that will conquer even the most inexperienced viewer.

Arrietty Kari-gurashi no Arietti

This is the story about the little man, who live next to us. They keep their existence a secret, but once this secret is revealed when the 14-year-old Sho discovers a small and young Arietti. Shortly thereafter, they become friends, endangering young people.

Return cat Neko no ongaeshi

In the middle of the day the young Haru saves charming fur seals, which then gets up on his hind legs and thanks her in human language. It turns out that the prince of the kingdom of the mysterious Cat, and now Haru must be his wife. Of course, this is not a girl wants, but soon she is kidnapped and only true baleen friends can free her from captivity cat.

Shorts / Fragile World Short Peace < br>

Cartoon has 4 episodes, which do not resemble each other. One story tells of a stranger, who waits the night in the forest, filled with ghosts, the other - on the work of firefighters in the city, where the houses are made of paper and wood, and the third story - the bear, which saves people from the trolley, and the fourth tells us about a post-apocalyptic future .

Steamboy Suchîmubôi

The young inventor Ray Steam receives a parcel from his grandfather, a famous scientist. The premise - the mysterious "steam ball", which leads the hunt for the influential O'Hara Foundation. Departing from bloodhounds, the boy gets to London, preparing for the World Exhibition lush. Is Rey Will save valuable invention from the villains and save the British capital from the man-made disaster?

Beyond the Clouds Kumo no mukô, yakusoku no basho

Actions in the film take place in an alternate reality, where after the defeat in World War II, Japan was divided between the United States and the Soviet Union. Councils have started to construct a mysterious building in its zone of occupation, and it is so much interested in students that they promised themselves to build an airplane and uncover the secret of the giant tower.

A Letter to Momo Momo e no tegami

After his father died young Momo and her mother moved from Tokyo to town on the edge of the country. At the new place the girl gets bored, and she begins to learn the house, which is a book about demons. Soon, the town begin to occur strange and inexplicable things. Trying to cope with them leads the girl to discoveries, among which will be solving the mystery of a letter written by his father - writing only two words:

«Dear Momo»
. Cowboy Bebop: Knockin 'on heaven Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tobira

Mars, 2071. On the very eve of Halloween there is a terrorist attack with the use of biochemical weapons. Those who committed this crime must suffer deserved punishment, therefore appointed for the capture of villain is a huge bonus. Famous in the entire solar system bounty hunters Spike and Jet Black Spiegel decide to find the villain and return to Mars peace and quiet.

Millennium Actress Sennen joyû

This is a story about an outstanding actress Chiёko Fujiwara, who previously starred in the films of different genres. Once it has visited housing producer, working on a history of the life and career Chiёko. He brought with him a small old key that opens many secrets of her memories ...

Tokyo Godfathers Tokyo Godfathers

Once the three homeless people who have long forgotten what it is to have a roof over your head and eat three meals a day, located on the street lost a baby girl. Heroes decide in whatever was to find the parents of the baby, not yet knowing that, by becoming her guardian angels, they touch the miracle of Christmas and get a chance to change their own lives ...

Ghost in the Shell: Innocence Innocence

In 2032 technology has reached unprecedented progress. People began to share this world with cyborgs and robots. Bato - living cyborg detective and police department - along with his partner to investigate a series of murders robots of their respective owners. This fact is puzzling detective: what robots did

Wolf Children Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki


This is a story about a small, but very unusual family. As a student, Hanna fell in love with a guy who turned out to be a werewolf. Despite this, they were married, and they had two wonderful children. After the death of her husband Khan has to move away from the big city, so that children can easily grow and not to hide his nature. But then there are the curious neighbors ...

Paprika Papurika

Outstanding scientist Kosaku Tokito DC Mini has developed a device that allows you to penetrate into dreams. Three of these devices are stolen, giving their owner the opportunity to not only get into the imagination of people, but also penetrate into the consciousness. Mysterious girl Paprika decides to find these devices.

Reinforced Tekkon kinkurîto

Two boys orphans live in the futuristic world of wealth of the city. Once at the site of their beloved city decided to build an amusement park, which will demolish the house and buildings. In what may become friends decide to save his city.

Metropolis Metoroporisu

Multi-million army of robots has replaced people in the factories. World is ruled by the powerful head of the planetary supercorporation. Against this background, the story unfolds cyborg girl created by a brilliant scientist. She was destined to become the key to power over the whole world, but one day she disappears ...

Spirited Away Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

This mystical and mysterious story of Chihiro a girl who was in a world filled with ghosts. Her parents are turned into pigs and became prisoners of the evil witch Yubaby. Now Chihiro must save your mom and dad from the spell cunning old woman, but to understand how to do this, the girl must have the courage and asked a witch to work.

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