How are condoms

To ensure that the Ukrainians of condoms is the only factory in the country for their production "Perfect" is working round the clock. The production process begins with condoms mixing. Latex - rubber tree sap - imported from Malaysia. In the factory, it is added only components that accelerate the curing process, wherein the latex becomes resilient. In some countries, produce condoms and synthetic materials such as polyurethane. At the touch they are similar to polyethylene and have a very low elasticity and lower than latex, strength. To be held in the very premises, I was given a shoe and gown and asked the presence of allergy to ammonia. Why, I realized later. When we entered the shop, the first time it was hard to breathe: the pungent smell of ammonia and latex greatly hurt his eyes. "The production is fully automated, so stay here permanently nobody cares, - says Vladimir Dobush, head of the factory shift. - The operator was watching him through a special window of his office behind the wall ».


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