Facts about condoms (8 photos)

Most recently, namely February 13, the world celebrates the International Day of the condom. And in some countries, such as USA, UK and Indonesia, was National Condom Week, a tradition which originated in the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, and then was picked up by schools, colleges, family planning centers and manufacturers of contraceptives.

On this occasion, we have collected for you 10 interesting and maybe you unfamiliar facts about such useful inventions of humanity as a condom:
1. The first condom, which has come down to our times, is the Australian Museum and dates from 1640. It was the Swedish condom made from pig intestines, which before use soaked in warm milk for disinfection. Other ancient condoms made of oiled silk, bladder and horns of various animals, shells of turtles and fish scales.

2. It is estimated that on Valentine's Day in the US every second using about 87 condoms.

3. For the first time condoms for protection of steel to recommend Army German soldiers. During the First World War, the United States and Britain were the only countries that do not provide their soldiers with rubber bands. By the end of the war 400,000 cases of infection with syphilis and gonorrhea has been documented in the US Army.

4. A condom can hold about 4 liters of liquid.

5. The English slang word «scumbag», which is called scum, really means a condom filled with semen.

6. In the 15th century, condoms are dressed on the glans penis, were very popular. By the 16th century began to make gum flax, and that they were good, they annexed the ribbon.

7. In the Danish language the word condom spelled


8. The most expensive condoms sold in Ireland - about $ 18 per pack. And the cheapest gum can be found in Shanghai.

9. The very first image of the old man in a condom is a rock painting in a cave in France called Grotte des Combarrelles, which is nothing less than 12,000-15,000 years.

10. There are no medical contraindications to the use of a condom. Modern materials used for making condoms (latex, polyurethane, leather lamb, polyisoprene), safe and suitable for even the most sensitive genitals.


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