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The origin of the word "a trouble", thanks to the film "Dead Man's Bluff" was known even to those very distant from etnofilologii. "A trouble" - a gap in women between the vagina and anus. Drunk or inexperienced lover, missing by one of these natural holes, got into "a trouble", while experiencing severe pain.

I can not see any DIG

The word "RSA" in the Old Slavonic language meaning "brain". Actually, the word "brain" traces its etymology of the word "RSA»:

RSA - RSA my - the brain - the brain

As you can guess, the expression "do not see any DIG" means full dark: brain something never seen. They have a living being always inside the skull. It is also clear the origin of the word "zginut" (modern. "Perish") with the end of life of the human brain, as a rule, dies.

Gd Rogue marks

The word "rogue" - a distorted "vest" or just a "vest". But why is aiming for black vest and white stripes is Gd?

It turns out that before the priests wore a robe ... that vest. Since they were and are the most comfortable work-clothes. From this Russian custom - wearing a vest under the robe - and went the phrase "Gd Rogue marks».

Tear as Sidorov goat

This piquant story originates in the XII century. Boyar Sidor Kovyla Wisla, a personal friend of the Grand Prince Vasily Dmitrievich differed extravagant habit, "tear" goats. That is, in medical terms, to copulate with goats.

So it would be correct upotreblint this proverb in option is not "torn as Sidorov goat" and "otymyli as Sidorov goat».

Prescribe Izhitsa

"Izhitsa" - this is known, the name of one of the letters of Church Slavonic alphabet. But not only!

Izhitsa - it is also the name of a broom made of branches of a willow. In the old days such doctors brooms used in the treatment of certain diseases such as sciatica, diarrhea and anemia. Accordingly, the term "register Izhitsa" meant "to register a broom spanking».

Fun fact: many Russian nobles, receiving a similar "treatment", was seriously addicted to such floggings: long before the experiments and the Marquis de Sade Baron von Masoch. So here, as in the case of radio, electricity and mobile phone, the primacy belongs to the Russian.

Put on the back burner

Condoms were known in ancient Egypt. Then they were only a knotted pieces of sheep gut. Around the same way and looked condoms in Russia, with the only difference being that in the material they were not sheep guts and goat. He himself was then called a condom is not "the product number two", and "back burner." "Box" - since it was formed in the male appendage, and the "long" - as the Slavs, descendants of the Vikings of old, famous heroic lengths genitals. Those. "Long" here means simply "long».

After copulation peasant often cautious gentleman asked: would not it be children. What a gentleman, mustache twirling, jokingly replied: "Not ssy, Martha, we are all children shelved».


Thumbs - it's buttocks. "Slack" - the easiest job for attendant, as the buttocks - very deadbands is part of the human body. Therefore, from the attendant at beating thumbs requires neither the accuracy nor diligence: still the customer does not notice any difference.

Pull the gimp

Old village fun: go to the horse and pull him by the vegetation in the groin area, the so-called "konitel." The horse received by a joker cheerfulness, numb for a few seconds, and then became very angry and tried to catch the offender to punish him. The task was a joker, respectively, as soon as possible to get to a safe place.

Hence the expression "to pull the gimp" - instead of working to engage in silly jokes.

Look for trouble

Rampage - trodden place in the hayloft, where villagers indulge in amorous pleasures. When she "climbed on the rampage," she was mentally prepared for the fact to lose her maiden honor.

Therefore, "asking for trouble" - "to go where you will certainly otymeyut».

Chur me

The national question earlier was no less acute than it is now.

Genesis 15: 13-15: And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years, but I judge that nation, whom they shall serve; afterward shall they come out with great substance, and thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age.

Exclamation "pax" in full sounded like "yes to me chock caught" and means roughly the same as the modern "pancake will».

"Lumps" as in Russia called all non-Slavs, the Germans to the Tatar-Mongol


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