15 beautiful films about journeys that changed life

Even eminent filmmakers rarely combine catchy storyline with cool picture. The films that fall in this collection are distinguished by genre, they need to look for different moods, but they are united by the fact that none of these stories are not forgotten after viewing.

We are in the Website can vouch for every film got here.

Perfect Getaway A Perfect Getaway

Young couple on a journey to the picturesque island to make your honeymoon a fabulous and unforgettable. Only here the sudden message that the island wielded a pair of serial killers, a little like a fairy tale. In addition to the entangled plot, entertainment give this picture the stunning scenery of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

On the verge of The Edge

"DiCaprio is not one" or another movie where a dangerous journey the main character kills a bear, consider, with their bare hands. But seriously, what could be better than films with Baldwin or Hopkins? Only a movie where there is both an actor and a fantastic view of Alaska in the bargain. To learn how to change their attitude to the main characters at the end of the movie, do not say anything.

Taken 2 Taken 2

That's really restless little family! In the first part of the trilogy father rescues daughter from the clutches of the villains, and now the little daughter will have to go on a trip and save his parents from certain death. Ride This certainly will not forget. In addition to a busy scene, the film indulges pleasant urban landscape of Istanbul.

At Point Break Point Break 2015

Young FBI agent working undercover ... No, not at all. Surfer, climber, extreme cyclist, skier and BASE jumper even-vingsyuter working for the FBI, receives a new mission - to infiltrate a gang of thieves and to accompany them on a dangerous journey. Guess who we thieves? Of course, this ekstremaly on his head, who want to go 8 unrealistically demanding tests well, and get rich along the way. Oh, and have a hard time young agent, especially when he got to know them better. Extreme and spectacular images in the movie you've ever seen.

Cast Away Cast Away

Since 2000, the common name "Robinson Crusoe" has ceased to be relevant: now the people stranded on a desert island, called nothing else than Chuck Noland. Indescribable beauty of the Fiji Islands - is a nice bonus for an interesting story, which describes how a few years spent in solitude, can abruptly change the outlook on life

Into the Wild. Into the Wild

Abandon the life of the son of the rich and successful parents in favor of the green bus in the middle of nowhere - it goes each. But this guy took it and went. "Based on a true story", the protagonist Emile Hirsch and just an incredible number of wild shots - that's three reasons to see this sad, dramatic film. Oh, and as a screenwriter and film director Sean Penn. This is the case when you do not regret the time spent.

With heavy artillery have finished, we move on to an easier weapon to the soul

How to Marry a 3 day Leap Year

One of the best stories about how love can descend accidentally. Beautiful views through the car window as well as a warm yellow-green colors make the film particularly cozy. The bonus for a good story - immersion in the Irish atmosphere and something new about the leap year all the girls on a note

Painted Veil The Painted Veil

Changeling Movie - it does not "first lived happily ever after, then someone changed and love has passed," and vice versa. This story deserves attention at least for its originality, is not it? Plus stunning panoramic views of the mountains, rivers and fields of China. The film from the category of - look - and the eyes rejoices the heart contracts and

Kon-Tiki Kon-Tiki


The shooting of this film, based on real events that took place in the Maldives, Malta, Norway, Bulgaria, Thailand and the United States. And believe me, here not only have to look at, but it is something to think about and poperezhivat. . Expedition crossing the Pacific are not on anything, and the raft - this is actually an epic adventure

Doctor: Trainee Avicenna The Physician

Travel from England to Persia only a desperate man might make on his own two feet, which pursues a great goal - to unravel the mystery "illness gut" and learning how to treat it. In an effort to save people from death, the protagonist finds himself more than once in the balance of it, and at the end of the path changes his life drastically. In this collection the film was not by accident, in addition to not boring story, the audience is waiting for more and impressive visuals

Hotel "Marigold":. The Best Exotic The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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Majestic Hotel in exotic India was to become the last refuge for British pensioners. It would seem that it's time to take a break from the bustling life and enjoy doing nothing. But no matter how wrong. At this point, only the start the most exciting adventure in the life of our travelers.

Midnight in Paris Midnight in Paris

After a midnight in Paris, would hardly anyone was able to look at the world the same way again. "Oscar" for best screenplay, director's work of Woody Allen, as well as a charming Owen Wilson as a writer and a hopeless romantic. And that's not all "buns" from the creators of this wonderful melodrama. What could be better than the atmosphere of modern Paris? Only travel in its atmosphere of the 1920s.

To Rome with Love To Rome with Love

Another film by Woody Allen, whose action takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A few stories on how changed the fate of different people, and it was in the Italian capital, will not leave anyone indifferent. The picture is full of romance, humor and types of streets and squares of Rome - and what else is needed for happiness in the gray evening

The Darjeeling Limited?. Desperate travelers The Darjeeling Limited

No, this is not a regular Bollywood masterpiece, but quite bearable American comedy about the adventures of three brothers-idiots who ride the train across India, while not themselves stranded in the middle of the desert.

The main roles are played by Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman - actors that are not removed in bad movies

Good dinosaur The Good Dinosaur


Yes, it's a cartoon, and he did not get here by accident. Firstly, it is the story of how an unexpected journey changed the life of a small good dinosaur. And secondly, the detail and realism of the terrain in this picture may even obzavidovatsya Discovery - it was too serious about the Disney artists and technology.

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