How to become mymra and begin to scare men

Popular and experienced in matters of relations LJ Blogersha Morena Moran talks on a crucial topic for all women: the mymra different from women like her to become and, most importantly, how to avoid becoming such a character. A revision Site publishes her post for his chitateley.U Every woman has a secret age when men are indifferent to it. In the sense of intimate, and generally. In some, it occurs closer to retirement, others a little earlier, and still others decide to do it to thirty. Determined by a woman, plyunuvshaya men at once.

The main feature - it's aunt With a bad haircut, tired eyes and deposits in the wrong place!. Boring, grumbling, and cut off their wings. What happened to her? It entered into an age when men do not need, give up under the weight of resentment and frustration.

Why is age a secret? Because the woman anybody about it does not say, but the most uporotyh feminists. You've never seen a woman who would gather everyone in a circle, and indicates his disappointment in men. It is simply indecent. Although something tells me that there are such.

How to understand, what happened? < A woman like iron covers your heart. The power of her pain is such that she decides to no one else to it at bay. She no longer trusted men seek men and even in thought did not want to imagine that there is a man who is ready to fall in love with her. The price paid for peace of heart ice is very high. Mymra of office romance, remember? Here it is.

- And then the heart? - Ask someone. Men - it's mostly about the other body. You can safely them to use without experiencing any mental anguish. I would, perhaps, yes. But a woman's heart is always with, though?

Have you ever noticed that the more attractive a woman in love, even at a distance? Even when you do not see the lover, and talks to him calls and sms-kami. Sex in her head, and prettier in reality? How so?

< And all because of the love and passion are really ready to do wonders with us. anti-aging, to do beautiful. But this happens only to those who believe in love. Rest and have to live out his life aunts. And it's not wrinkled, and in the age-old dust of disappointment in his eyes.

So if you ask me, until what age a woman need a man, I tell you - until the last breath. I know it hurts, sometimes terribly hard, and feel the emptiness and frustration, and is already ready to acquire your heart with ice, if only it was not ... But - you can not. Not aunt is dying.

Author Morena Morana



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