15 ways to use mint

1. Removal of abdominal cramping

Peppermint helps to relax the muscles of the digestive tract and relieve spasms. Therefore, if you suddenly nerves twisted stomach, drink hot tea with mint or just warm water with mint and lemon.

2. Prevention of infectious diseases

Peppermint has a fairly strong anti-bacterial properties. Regular inclusion of it in your diet will help your body to move more easily or at all reflect the infectious and fungal diseases.

3. The fight against mice

If the country or in the courtyard of his private house you put a little bit of mint, you can be sure that the mouse and the rat will avoid your site party!

4. Soothing scrub

feet Refreshing mint properties related to the content of menthol in it, which is very well soothe tired feet per day. Mix the chopped mint leaves with sea salt and olive oil and rub this mixture feet and rinse with water.

5. Relieving headaches

Headache is often associated with vascular spasm. Just as in the case of abdominal pain, helps warm tea with mint or just water with mint.

6. Against nasal congestion

Can not breathe? Brew peppermint hot water (or tea again) and make inhaled, breathed vapors of menthol. The action will be virtually the same as that of the nasal drops, but this method is natural and cheaper.

7. Relieve stress

Mint - a perfect light and a natural sedative, which will help you reduce your stress level and to remove disturbing sensations

. 8. Prevention of cancer

Who we are actively conducting research in the area of ​​the mint effect on the formation of cancer cells. There is an opinion that it slows down their development, especially in the skin, lung and colon. Currently no sufficiently reliable evidence there is, but still there is a chance that soon we will have another weapon against the deadly disease.

9. salad dressings

Want to add a little variety to your salad? Add to it a few leaves of mint. Your taste buds will sing a pleasure.

10. Add the mint in cosmetics

Make homemade soap or shampoo, in principle, not so difficult. A mint homemade cosmetics acquire an amazing flavor. Peppermint essential oil can be found in a specialty store or a pharmacy. By the way, a drop of oil can be added to the factory creams and shampoos.

11. Peppermint ice

Do you feel that the mint has an urgent need to use, as it begins to deteriorate? Make ice with mint leaves. Then these blocks can be put into water, lemonade or iced tea, thus adding to the drink a fresh note.

12. Refreshing facial toner

In a large bowl, pour the cold water and mint leaves crumble. Put in the fridge for an hour. Then he buried his face in the water mint. You will feel incredible vigor!

13. Refresh carpet

Sprinkle carpet with a mixture of dried mint and baking soda, leave for an hour, and after - vacuuming. The room will smell clean and intoxicating freshness.

14. Make air freshener

It's enough to mix the mint with some other flowers or petals and place the fragrant mixture around the room.

15. Freshen breath

Mix peppermint oil with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide - get home toothpaste, which whiten teeth and freshen breath. However, do not get carried away, such a mixture can be used no more than once a week (preferably less), since it erodes tooth enamel.


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