< Patri

 - Can I pass, as though an invisible

?  - Are you serious? The work does not allow.

 - Yes, I just slip into this gap, barely visible

.  - Fear God, I've got fined and then Zaha

.  - God? And who is he to you?

 - Well, because sin

.  - What you call sin

?  - Listen, let's not powder brains. No money?

 - Do not answer that, asking

.  - Got me. Go you out at all.

 - Yes? And I am there with younger, I spin.

 - From the mind simply can go

.  - For you, sin is not in fact, what I'm better

.  - I do not care. Get away.

 - Do you know what I did in the morning

?  - Yes, what do I care? You have not shaved.

 - I am matinee smelled child. My son. Nine years.

 - I am glad for you. I have a kitten jumped herpes.

 - How many years

?  - Twelve. What is the difference you?

 - Yeah, because quite an old ...

 - Listen, today is Friday. Go yes swells already in the trash at all ... I do not get enough sleep. Circles under the eyes. Insomnia does not suffer fools thirties. I may want a slag, dream of someone and not get the iron ....

 - Listen, let you beautiful, who told you that you are a fool at all? In this Friday, though sluts, I'd like to dedicate poems to his wife. But she's not. He escapes. She left. I do not blame them. Bitch do not call. Simply, we probably do not match. It is different. And I ...

 - Other

 - Well no. Forget. At all. Too painful to open up.

 - No. Wait.

 - Well no. I see here another ladder that I ...

 - Run away? From me? Or from you up to? You seem to breathe and does not decide on whom to leave, to take revenge on someone. You do not hide.

 - Yes I know. I am here today to his son tied lace. And he sit and think. Just do not cry. How many years I remained period.

 - Listen, and let us drink coffee

?  - What, like this? Just? Around the corner?

 - So what? It is not for nothing ask, where did you meet? And then?..


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