Living without baking a cake with walnuts and strawberries

This stunningly delicious live cake without baking, which is being prepared, only 4 products! No need to mess around with the dough and oven and taste the cake is not inferior to the most exquisite desserts.

This recipe is very relevant in the post, as well as vegans and advocates of a healthy diet because it contains no animal products and are not subjected to heat treatment. So, prepare the cake with walnuts and strawberries!

Recipe syroedcheskogo cake

To prepare the cake, we need syroednogo:

500 g peeled walnuts;
fresh or frozen strawberries;
4 banana;
200 grams of dates.

More we need is a blender and a detachable form for cakes.

Start preparing our cake will live with bananas, you need to peel, split each into 2-3 pieces, lay in the bag and put into the freezer. Bananas should lie in the freezer for about 4 hours. Bananas will constitute the basis of our cream cake, so they need to pre-freeze, for better whipping cream in.

Now we start to do the cake for our cake. To do this, wash out and dry walnuts and dates. Remove pits from dates. In a blender laying the nuts and dates and grind until smooth. The split mold for baking (it is possible to lay a baking paper, but not necessarily) beginning to spread our impromptu dough. It is necessary to distribute it on the bottom of the form and go a little bit on the edge.

Now it's time to get down to the cream. He will have two color - white and pink. Cream is very simple to do, we put the pieces of frozen bananas in a blender and pyuriruem. Half of the cream spread on cake. The second part of the reserve cream in a blender, add some strawberries and again pyuriruem. Here and ready pink cream, spread it on top of the white.

Dessert can be eaten immediately, but can be put into the freezer / refrigerator for 1 hour, so he refrained. In this case, we get a delicious ice-cream cake. Here such at us the cake with walnuts and strawberries! And finally, the good news about walnuts - is when to eat 30 grams of nuts twice a week, you can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes! So eat walnuts and the cake they have on health :) Bon appetit!


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