10 Hollywood Stars, Upset Fans With Their Beach Photos


Imperfect figure, of course, is not a reason to abandon a beach holiday. If you are a Hollywood celebrity, and every deck chair on duty paparazzi, it is worth considering. Because of the imperfect body can greatly affect reputation and disappoint fans. The superstar, whose last outputs in a bikini seriously upset and even scared fans in a fresh gallery Anews.

Reese Witherspoon

Oblitas on the red carpet "Oscar", Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon went on a beach vacation to Mexico, where it was immediately caught by photographers. In front of the paparazzi film star appeared in a wide-brimmed hat and a chaste one piece bathing suit.


The style of the swimsuit, alas, I could not hide from the photographers of the key flaws of the actress, in particular, wide hips and rounded belly.



Seeing the pictures of the actress, fans immediately accused Reese in weight gain, and some even suspected that movie once again, preparing to become a mother.

Tara Reid

But actress Tara Reid, widely known for the TV series "the Clinic" and the comedies "American pie" and "the Big Lebowski" fans accused of quite the opposite – excessive weight loss.


By the way, in the best of times Hollywood blonde looked like.


Courtney Love

Not better things and the 51-year-old widow of Kurt Cobain. It is not excluded that their last appearances in a bikini, the singer has led many fans to think about the advisability of surgical techniques in the fight against obesity.


VIN Diesel

Men, as is commonly believed, in comparison with the ladies are less susceptible to the recruitment of extra pounds. However, to this rule there are exceptions. Take 48-year-old VIN Diesel. Once inflated, the actor appeared recently on the beach in unrecognizable form. Especially fans of struck by the extremely rounded belly and flabby arms of a celebrity.



Agree, sad man from the picture above hardly recognized the star with the once-athletic physique.


Uma Thurman

The main Muse of Quentin Tarantino's never been luxurious forms. The last time the actress began to take positions. The photos below star imprinted on the vacation on the island of Saint barthélemy.


Today, the actress remains clearly down since the "Kill bill".


Lady Gaga

Not good the last time fans attractive beach shots and eccentric Lady Gaga.



As soon as these photos, taken in the Bahamas, hit the net, fans have hit the singer with your review-tips on need to lose weight and to engage seriously with themselves.

Julia Roberts

"Beauty is not the same," wrote the tabloid after the emergence of online photos noticeably plump Julia Roberts made during the rest of the star with his family in the fall of 2015.


Two years earlier, the shape of the actress was more modest.


Pamela Anderson

The image of 48-year-old actress over the last couple of decades almost unchanged. Star is trying hard to keep the shape. However, sometimes the outputs Busty sex bomb on the beach forced the fans to worry and speculate, but do not rely on Pamela to liposuction.


Salma Hayek

In 2007, the actress with the once flawless forms became a mother. Since kinodelo constantly storm: the star appears on the red carpet with a wasp waist, there on the beach in a very alarming form. As, for example, during a vacation in the fall of 2015.




Former Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova only with great reserve can be attributed to celebrities. However, do not include in this list of scandalous actress is impossible. Because of the number of shocking occurrences in bikini Anastasia will give odds to any of the above stars. To recall these images of the ballerina, which caused a wave of heated debate not just among loyal fans, but among casual passers by Nastia's Instagram.



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