Why eating meat is bad? Olympic champion Alexei Voivod

What is vegetarianism?

Lifestyle, in which the human body eliminates the food any living organisms (meat, fish, etc.), known as vegetarianism.

The word vegetarianism originates from the Latin words vegetabilis (vegetable) and vegetare (grow, develop). In Latin vegetus means "healthy, blooming," and vegetarius -

«vegetarian." Albert;
In fact, one can argue endlessly, and any of the disputants find a lot of arguments in its favor. So, everyone chooses what he is acceptable for themselves and their health. The main thing is that this was a conscious choice. Here, by the way, I read an interesting article about meat kuhnja-bez-mjasa.ru/eto-znat-polezno/pro-myaso. I personally have a few years do not eat meat birds and beasts and feel great.

Yes, and probably should take into account that there are several types of vegetarianism from the failure of the only red meat to completely eliminate from the diet of animal food (vegan).

The history of vegetarianism

Already 5-6 thousand years BC in ancient Egypt, the priests do not eat meat, sharing meals in a clean and unclean. The carcasses of animals were considered unclean, so forbidden to even touch him.

A large number of well-known philosophers of antiquity and the founders of world religions are vegetarians. We can distinguish the Buddha, Zoroaster, Plato, Socrates, Plutarch, Pythagoras, Seneca, Ovid and the Hippocratic physician. At the dawn of Christianity were vegetarians church fathers, Tertullian, Origen, Chrysostom, Clement of Alexandria. Among the large number of Christian ascetics, monks and saints practiced meals without meat, primarily for religious and ascetic reasons.

Vegetarianism followed Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Spinoza, Rousseau, Goethe, Schiller, Wagner, Byron, Shelley, Schopenhauer, Lincoln, Nietzsche, Maeterlinck, Voltaire, Ibsen, Baden Powell, Selma Lagerlof, Leo Tolstoy, Ludwig von Zamenhof, Maxim Gorky, Bernard Shaw, Rabindranath Tagore, Indira Gandhi, Franz Kafka, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney and the other person.

Reasons to become a vegetarian
In recent years, the number of adherents of vegetarianism is growing. This is facilitated by:
ETHICS: Ethical Treatment of Animals. Leo Tolstoy wrote: "Ten years of feeding a cow you and your children, dressed and warmed you his sheep wool. What kind of reward is them? Cut throat and eat? ". animal slaughter methods is quite severe, although scientists believe that animals feel pain just as clearly as humans.


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