Food Live and dead. Meat

The next release of the popular science Sergei MalozŅ‘mova series "Cooking live and dead" is dedicated to the worldwide scandal around a traditional product, which thousands of years was a member of the human diet - meat.

In the autumn of 2015 the World Health Organization made meat products to the list of carcinogens! Do medical officials made a mistake? Based on what has been done so terrible conclusion? Is the use of sausages, bacon, burgers and leads to bowel cancer?

What happens to the health of people who completely stop eating meat? Authors of the project was subjected to medical examination vegetarians and meat eaters, we found athletes and vegans know what they replace animal protein and how this diet is combined with great physical exertion.
Are all doctors endorse this fashion, and whether the health of children in the manner that vegetarians parents are not even allowed to ever sniff meat?


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