Korean designer has created a dream furniture - chair obnimashki

So often it would be desirable to you someone hugged, patted him on the shoulder and said: "All will be well." For such moments designers have invented something really useful: the chair, which can cuddle

Website is sure that people will not replace this chair, but someone it can really help to feel less lonely.

Apart from the fact that it is soft and fluffy, it is also multifunctional.

But its main charm - it embraces


In general, taking these 10.

According to the materials: metro

Photos on the preview: Lee Eun Kyoung

Here one combined the genius of a washing machine with an exercise bike

I want to imagine such a monster!

via www.adme.ru/tvorchestvo-dizajn/hochu-sebe-takogo-monstra-1159810/


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