Alexander Shirvindt of age. A wonderful story!

Site publishes a cool story told by the People's Artist of Russia Alexander Shirvindt known for its excellent sense of humor!

In our age (75 years and above), you can not change anything and nothing can throw .

I quit smoking many times, but to no good it has not resulted. Returns back to this vice, is a son whom I was very afraid and obey, said: "Everything that's enough»

. And then I have put on a wonderful academic, warning that he will not accept anyone, but I know from somewhere, and ready to talk.

< I have collected the complete works of urine and drove off into the end of the road Enthusiasts.

Mansion, silence, walking bow-legged lovely ladies in plastic coats. Carpets, huge office. On the walls of gratitude letters from Napoleon, by Peter I, from Nebuchadnezzar ... and academics sitting in a gold-rimmed glasses.

- How old are you? - Says
. - Why, - I say - four will
. - We are, therefore, of the same age, I'm younger than you in a year

. When he saw my folder analyzes, he threw up his hands: "I beg you to clean." I liked it already. To look at the dossier did not. "And what do you have?" I say:

- Firstly, my knees hurt
morning. - And I, on the contrary, in the evening. What else?
-. Dyspnea
- Well, that's fine
. - I started to get tired quickly
. - Correctly. So do I. In our age, as it should be.

I calmed down. Since academician of medicine feels just like me, then what to say then? In parting, I said that I quit smoking.

He looked at me through the gold-rimmed spectacles:

- My dear, why? < At our age, you can not change anything and nothing can throw. Survive as it is.

I kissed his letters and left.

Genius! And if he read my piss ...

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