Alexander Shirvindt: In our age, nothing can change and nothing can be cast

Oh, well as great written! And aging scary :) "At our age (75 and above) nothing can change and nothing can be cast. So many times I've quit Smoking, but nothing good is not led. Went back to this Vice, until the son, whom I listen to and I am afraid, not said, "enough".
And then I have put on a wonderful academician, warning that he sees no one but me knows and is willing to talk.


I collected the complete works of urine and went somewhere at the end of highway of Enthusiasts.

The mansion, silence, walking bow-legged lovely ladies in plastic coats. Carpets, huge office. The walls of thank-you letters from Napoleon, Peter I, Nebuchadnezzar... And sits academician in gold spectacles.

"How old are you?" says.
Why, say, four hundred to be.
"We're the same age, I'm younger than you by a year".


When he saw my folder of tests, waved his hands:
"Put". I already liked it. To look into the dossier did not.
"What do you have?" I said, "first, my knees hurt in the morning."
– "And me, on the contrary, in the evening. What else?"
– "Shortness of breath".
– "Well, that's okay."
"I quickly began to tire yourself out."
– "That's right. Me too.
At our age it should be."


And I calmed down. Since Professor of medicine feels the same as me, what then to speak?
In parting, I said I quit Smoking.

He looked at me through gold-colored glasses:
"My dear, why?
At our age, nothing can change and nothing can be cast. Live as is".

I kissed his diplomas and left.
Genius! And if he began to read my urine..." published

Alexander Shirvindt

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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