12 mysterious cycles of human life

Throughout his life we all go through the 12 stages corresponding to the signs of the Zodiac. Is the point of life, which moves at a speed of 4.3 degrees per year, beginning its journey in Aries and ending in Pisces.

We can always determine precisely what problems are faced in a particular age. Each of us needs to carry out its programme in a particular age and the result — in my life.

Look how you have run the program, make their own conclusions.

Ninety eight million seven hundred seventy two thousand six hundred forty two

From 0 to 7 years.The point of life in this age of smart moves according to the sign of Aries.


The kids are bubbling with energy, they are playful and inquisitive, and immediately want to know everything about everything, and there is no force that could stop them.

And do not restrain the child at this age, on the contrary, it is necessary to give him more freedom, because it is very important to assert themselves and demonstrate their abilities.

The task of parents is to instill in the child a sense of love and compassion for others, not to develop selfishness and cruelty. After all, the motto of the age of Aries: "I want!» Do not allow your child to hurt animals and other kids, learn to respect nature, nurture and will power. If you fail to instill in your child these qualities to seven years – no preview ever!

From 7 to 14 years The point of life is moved to kurkulite Calf.


So, gentlemen, the parents, do not indulge all material desires and whims of his child. At this stage of life must be taught to control their emotions, especially anger and aggression. You need to develop and train memory.

Try "politely" but firmly, to form a circle teen because at this age it is accumulated negative energy of the crowd that can be manifested later in cruelty and intolerance towards others. But do not isolate the child from peers. Of great importance is the place of their meetings and the atmosphere.

It is also important to lay the foundations for a training system. Try to make the child more learned various study material, the more – the better. At this age the child is fairly easy to instill a love of art and aesthetics. The best time to study at musical and art schools.

And in 13-14 years, it is necessary to instil and to form the right attitude to their ancestors and roots. It is possible to speculate on philosophical topics. Already – it's time!


From 15 to 21 years
 The point moves from the sign of Gemini.


It's time to actively develop intelligence and independent thinking. In the 15-16 years of the person included in the society where their laws and rules that you have to learn to abide by that society accepted it. You need to get rid of a complacency, irresponsibility, the desire for gossip and speculation.

Parents it is time to do the sexual education of their children, and that you all know (actually, I think the recommendations about sex education outdated, start it before).

At this age it is useful a lot to travel, to learn culture of other countries, to absorb a variety of information.


From 21 to 28 years
 The point of life in Cancer.


This is a very important stage in every person's life. The main task – improvement of the inner world, the formation of own system of values based on the experience of the older generations.

Engaging in introspection and spiritual improving, people should try to get rid of many negative qualities: suspicion, isolation from others, greed.

The most difficult thing in this age is to overcome the barrier 25-26 years, when the person overcome the desire to quit and start to live again. This period is very important to make the right choice, as many have already started a family. Often inconsiderate ruining my life not only to him but also loved ones.

In order not to make mistakes, you need to develop strong spiritual ties with parents and relatives, just with the older generation. In a difficult situation, they are able to really help by word and deed.

25-26 years – the most favorable time for the birth of children because they learn from their parents best qualities of their personality.


From 28 to 35 years old
 The point of life is in Leo.


Beginning to show a penchant for adventure, alcoholism, drug addiction; there is a flow of energy that not everyone can correctly use, many begin to waste, indulging in pleasures and entertainment, often empty and worthless.

The best remedy against temptations of classes philosophy, religion, reading books that raise the morality and purity of soul. It is very important to choose the right philosophical concept, not escape sectarianism, do not accumulate negative energy, can destroy a person.

The turning point – up to 32 years. With 28 years of family problems go by the wayside, the main thing is ego. A man tries to prove himself in the team, to be noticed, appreciated. In 29 years for the first time summarizes the results of past years.

For women, a very important period of 32 years. The change of feelings, review their personal relations. In this age of frequent divorce, start a new love affair. We must try to analyse the past, to weigh all "for" and "against", not to act rashly immediately. New feelings can last for long, sometimes only a year.


From 35 to 42 years old
 The point of life is in Virgo.


There comes a time when one must give most of the energy accumulated in the previous period. Clarity is needed and a methodical approach to solve various problems.

Favorable time for professional growth and marriages.

Age from 37 to 38 years – karmic validation, verification communities. This is the first exam that you adhere to the principles of the Zodiac, whether your life program. And if not, then you can expect punishment in the form of various life issues: employment, serious illness, betrayal of friends.

During this period, it is necessary to pay close attention to their health. Especially you need to pay attention to your diet, try not to salakalahti the body.

At the age of Virgo in the nature can manifest unpleasant features: brushlet, fault-finding, greed, disregard for the feelings and needs of others. But most importantly – get ready to the most important cycle in your life – 42 – half cycle of Uranium, when the point of life life crosses the "equator". At this age many are trying to change your life, as it seems, for the better: change the family, place of work, place of residence, Hobbies.


From 42 to 49 years old
 The point of life is moving through the sign of Libra.


During this period the person tries to give creatively selected in 42 years. This age is also called "Indian summer" when the harmony and maturity and in personal and social life. All that has been accumulated over previous years, are analyzed, systematized and waiting for implementation.

The main planet of Libra is Venus. It manages the human desire to create lasting harmonious relations, to follow the laws of ethics and morality in the Affairs and feelings.

During this period, it is necessary to establish social ties, get a new job, to demonstrate their organizational skills and overcome disadvantages. Such as, for example, self-centeredness, selfishness, a tendency to dictate. A good time to develop talents if you have them.


From 49 to 55 years old
 The Time Of Scorpio.


A difficult, critical period in the life of every person, especially women. Have to change long-established attitudes, it is very difficult to do. Withdrawal is difficult and painful. On the physical plane, many often have cancer, many (especially in ' 52) observed sexual syndrome – increased sexual frustration.

In the age of Scorpio man has a huge self-destructive power and to achieve a goal is sometimes ready to gamble. You need to control your emotions in any case do not withdraw into yourself and not to be introspective.Often come out into the light, meet friends, study, psychology, creativity or collective activities.

This period is favorable for the disclosure and improving the magical and occult abilities. Especially prone to this women in 52 years.

Those who until that time had led a wicked life, fate provides a chance to improve, to abandon delusions and start living on an entirely new philosophical principles.


From 56 to 63 years old
 At this age the point of life is moving through the sign of Sagittarius.


Man begins to venture into philosophy or religion. Many fussy thirst for knowledge which they did not have time to buy once. Want to learn several Sciences, different philosophical currents. But, as a rule, is not possible. Mercury is in prison, and, grabbing the much, one does not achieve results at all. Try to choose one thing and explore this subject a little deeper.

In 56 years man pass another test of society. Here are all of the error and mistakes made at the age of 37 and 38 years old. Who correctly approached this stage of his journey he held a high position in society. Unauthenticated do not reach their goals and go on a holiday.


From 63 to 70 years

The point of life is moving through the sign of Capricorn.


It Is The Last Chance! In 63 years is the last choice of the person, when he MAY, if desired, to change your life. The one who makes the wrong choice, as a rule, dies or badly it breaks. This is especially true of people who seek to create a new family: in 90% of cases nothing comes out. One can destroy the past, create the new, almost unreal.

In the age of Capricorn it is necessary to abandon some stereotyped ideas, to finally develop a life, philosophical rod and learn to give a precise assessment of every phenomenon, every event, but in any case not to impose their views and listen closely to their opponents.

It is important to build relationships with their loved ones properly, because many at this age are trying to treat them with despotism. Try to develop diplomacy, ability to compromise.


From 70 to 77 years
 The Age Of Aquarius.


The time of contemplation of life, philosophical view of it, the view of a reasonable observer. Throughout life people change their attitude towards the world, changes the priorities.

In childhood, we say: "I am." In his youth: "I and the world". In maturity: "the World and me." In the age of Aquarius there is only "the WORLD".

This fourth level of perception is the most important in the awareness of life and our place in it. If this perception of the world does not come, then the spiritual qualities of a person gradually begins to fade, he falls into insanity, which inevitably leads to the collapse of the physical body.

The age of Aquarius – time to enjoy the solitude or seclusion with his half, as the life program has already been done.

But, enjoying life, show wisdom and kindness, then others will respect you for your thoughtfulness, fairness, and deep knowledge of the laws of life.


From 77 to 84 years
 The point of life is moving through the sign of Pisces– completes life cycle.


For man, everything is clear, he feels a connection with nature, unity with her. Comes spiritual, cosmic HARMONY. The man enjoys life.

If we have lived a full life and used many of the chances that were given to us by fate, after 70 years, our life has just begun, and far, far beyond the ordinary.

This can only add the words of an American psychotherapist K. Whitaker: "George Bernard Shaw said that youth is such a beautiful time of life, it is a shame to waste it in youth. I would add here that old age is such a great time, it is a shame to wait so long!".

Fifty nine million three hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred sixty three

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Author: Anna Vasilchenko

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