Scientists have proved that the sea makes us happy

If traveling - your passion, then this news is definitely for you. Italian scientists for 10 years studied the effects of the sea on our emotions and found that it causes an increase in levels of the hormone of happiness.

< Website publishes explanation from the book Wallace Nichols' Blue reason "why the sea It makes us happier.

1. Blue evokes a feeling of peace Blue lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate, thereby giving a person the emotional stress. Surely that is why it is the favorite color of the earth's population, which show annual surveys.

2. For a long presence on the shores of the subconscious unloads As it turned out, to calm the subconscious mind, simply look at the seascape. Perception of natural imagery makes some particles activate our brain, which leads to balancing the emotional stability and causes the happy memories.

3. Water refreshes tired brains in the study in 1995, published in the journal Environmental Rsychology, the degree of concentration of the two groups of students were analyzed: one was in the room with views of the sea views, the other - to the city. The first group not only gave much better results, but also showed great concentration at the time of the experiment.

4. Contact with water causes pleasure According to the responses of happiness meter - Mappiness applications, people feel comfortable when they are in the open air, and happier (5, 2%) - when they feel contact of water with your body.

5. Water - it's part of the natural human environment we are connected to the water from the beginning of our lives. The human body is an average of 75% of the water, and maintaining hydration of the body - this is the basic rule for the perfect functioning of our bodies

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