10 most fascinating facts about the cat's survival strategy in human cities

Cats are forced to live in the cities, as has long been their main habitat - humanity. Of course, this complex life has its own nuances, so that Kitty had to adapt and develop certain survival skills. < Website offers you an exciting selection of facts in figures devoted cat strategy.

< 5 cats can be fathers kittens from one litter. with a high density of cats (eg in urban areas) at least 80% of cats in the breeding season to mate with several males. So the cat creates an additional level of competition: the male must not only win the right to the female, figuring out relationships with other bidders using shouts and fights, but also win the fight sperm


100 million olfactory cells in the nose is a cat. This is almost 17 times larger than in humans. To "hear the smell," the cat is enough just eight odorant molecules in the cubic meter of air (man - more than 320). With such a keen sense of smell to smell the animal can rival a few tens of meters.

25% of domestic cats and dogs - ambidexters, that is equally actively use both paws. At the same time, according to research by British scientists from the University of Belfast, lefties greater among males, and right-handers - in cats. In fact, some paw pet will enjoy more active, "fault" hormones. High levels of testosterone suppresses the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain of cats.

9 lives of a cat - a saying that appeared due to the ability of the animals to fall from a great height and stay alive. Cat flips in the air (due to the flexibility of the spine, is twisted by 180 degrees, and the absence of clavicles) and lands on its feet.

67, 8 dB - volume purring living in the English county of Devon's 13-year-old cat Merlin entered in the Guinness Book of Records. This value is comparable with the noise of a vacuum cleaner. According to doctors, these sounds with long-term human exposure can lead to a disease of the nervous system. By the way, according to the sanitary norms, the noise from 23:00 to 7:00 shall not exceed 30 dB.

200 Hz - with such frequency meow wild cats in rut These "March Song" seriously perceived by the human ear.. In the process of domestication "meow" sound became higher and shorter (frequency increased from 200 to 600 Hz, and the duration decreased from an average of 1, 5 to 0, 84 seconds). Voice of domestic cats became more enjoyable for people.

97 km / h. - The maximum speed, which develops when a cat falls from a height The American researchers have shown that the more traumatic to the animal fall from 23-37 meters (with a 7- th to the 12 th floor). If the height of a little more time to spread the animal members and plan like a flying squirrel, thanks to increased air resistance. That is from the 13th floor of the cats fall "betterĀ».

9 kg weighs winter male wild Far Eastern forest cat. This subspecies of the tropical Bengal cat in the harsh conditions of our Far East was forced to make fat stores. They help the animal survive without hunting, hiding in dug under the snow mazes. The trick is more characteristic of rodents allows cats to colonize new, atypical for these climate zones. By the spring of Far Eastern forest cat loses weight by half. To be able to have offspring, cat dumps half its weight. If the average man had a couple of weeks to get fat to 140 kg, and then suddenly lose typed, his heart could not withstand such a load.

21 of the 24 species studied cat have the sperm of such poor quality that if they were people, they would have to be treated for infertility. However, it reproduces the family very well because of alternative compensatory mechanisms. for example, the male lynx in a short period of reproduction sperm quality improves, and then decreases again.

18-year-old cat named Stubbs is the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska (United States). According to legend, he is dissatisfied with all the candidates, one voter jokingly pushed into a cat mayors. Citizens unexpectedly supported the joke, and the cat won. Every evening Stubbs sent to the nearest restaurant - skip the glass of water with catnip, which he pours host


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