Why do women of the tribe Mursi plates inserted in her lower lip and how they manage to have

seen pictures of black Ethiopian girls with huge plates in the stretched lips? They like to show on television and magazines for travelers. So, the question is - why do they need this horror, and how they eat Website publish the answer to this question the historian and professional traveler Inna Metelskaya-Sheremetyevo

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"If you are going for the first time in Ethiopia, we will, of course, been reading in various geographic journals heart-breaking information about the sinister tribe Mursi. What they just do not ascribe: and witchcraft, and increased aggression and cannibalism, and other wild customs to self-harm. And as an argument the authors of these articles always placing women of the tribe with their inserted into the lower lip plates and the men whose bodies are covered with scars - notches in honor of slain enemies. Immediately disappoint you Modern Mursi -. It is adapted to the commodity-market relations people, are living, in fact, due to legends and visits many tourists


Although something of the old traditions and rituals remain. First of all the infamous Debby plate (diameter with our dessert), which to this day some women inserted into the lower lip. It looks weird and scary. But I tried to get to the origins of the tradition, and I think, found the answer. < It is mutilation - an attempt to protect themselves from bondage, having neither the spirits nor the rituals irrelevant The fact that it has become a fashion, and the hallmark of Mursi at some stage of the historical process, -. Whimsy and irony fate.

Once upon a time parents to daughter was not sold into slavery, as much as possible tried to disfigure her. She shaved her hair, doing scarification, pierced lip (at Mursi) or ears (from the Maasai). The holes were inserted wooden plugs, the diameter of which is constantly increasing. She eventually turned into a scarecrow with a bald head, removed the upper and lower incisors and a tray above the chin.

But today Mursi (those posing for tourists for money) manage to insert into the lip plate of raw clay and masayki Maasai and push into the ear bottle of cola or even a saucer.

You ask how they eat? Of course, taking a plate

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